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Offbeat News: An Army of Chickens, Stupid Criminals & More

China has announced plans to unleash an army of chickens to combat its locust problem this summer. The northern region of Shin-jang is gearing up for what’s expected to be its worst summer yet with the critters given their warmer winter.

You see, locusts typically feed off of crops and other vegetation. According to Yang Zong, an official with the local animal husbandry bureau, around 2,200 chickens are preparing for feeding time. About 2.8-million acres of grassland are expected to get hit with the locusts.

Yang points out that “use of pesticides pollutes the environment,” therefore they’re using the chickens. Herdsmen have been given the birds ahead of the outbreak so they can adapt to the environment. One chicken is reportedly able to eat at least 600 locusts in a day, but they won’t do it alone. The nation is bringing in the reinforcements, aka ducks and other birds, to help the chickens out.

The down side? The chickens will only be able to guard one percent of the grasslands that need protection.

A woman who’d just traveled from Serbia to Moscow had reached for her bags on the luggage carousel when she accidentally fell on it. The woman had reportedly lost her balance in an attempt to grab her dog carrier off the belt and was “swept away” into the luggage room. Adding insult to injury, the airport has fined her for the accident after damaging the airport’s freight transportation system. She’ll be billed at the max 1,500 rubles, which is the equivalent of $24.

The Chinese cities of Chongqing and Hunan have recently installed facial recognition technology inside their public bathrooms as part of their “toilet revolution.” The technology will be used to sense how much toilet paper will dispense in hopes of cutting back on waste and “theft of paper.” There will also be sensors inside toilet cubicles to alert an attendant if someone has been using the loo for more than 10 minutes. The attendant will be sent in to check on the person to see if they’re okay. Another button inside the stall can be pressed to alert if there is ever an emergency. Not surprisingly, the bathrooms are also equipped with WiFi and cell phone chargers.


  • A man in Birmingham, Alabama must have one strong smoking addiction… considering he’s been charged twice with stealing cigarettes. Joshua Magaul Sanders has been arrested after he smashed into the front door of two gas stations and stole cartons of cigarettes. Thing is, he was arrested back in 2015 for doing the same exact thing at an Exxon station and several other stores. His most recent escapades have happened between January and March. Sanders broke into multiple gas stations and put several cartons of cigarettes in a bag before fleeing. Police were able to identify him based on security cam footage. Once caught, Sanders said, “You caught me, I’m the cigarette bandit” and further admitted to his crimes. He’s been charged with two counts of third-degree burglary.
  • A drunk man in Florida had been hospitalized for falling off his bike and has now been arrested after hitting another man at the hospital with a folding chair. Jimmy McCray was being treated at Bayfront Health when he “jumped out of bed and approached his girlfriend in (the) emergency room.” Staff had asked him to return to his bed, but he got angry, picked up a metal folding chair and started swinging it around, hitting another man in the leg. Security was able to restrain him and strapped him into a hospital bed. He faces a charge of battery. The man hit by the chair only suffered minor injuries to his elbows after helping restrain McCray.

Offbeat News: Border Collie Patrol, Stupid Criminals & More

“Same Day Surprise”

Twin brothers Joshua and Justin Thorington were both in the hospital last week on the same day, for the same reason. Both of their wives were giving birth. First Joshua’s wife, Denise, gave birth to baby Jack and an hour later, Justin’s wife Alex arrived at the hospital… as she was in labor. Alex soon gave birth to baby Lucy. The couples had joked about it happening, but never thought it would come to fruition.

“At first it didn’t really hit me how unique this was, (maybe because I’m a twin),” said Justin. “But the more I think about it the more I realize how special it is.”

“Where the Dinosaurs Roam”

The world’s largest dinosaur footprints have been discovered on the Isle of Skye. The dinos are said to have roamed 170-million years ago. Dr. Steve Brusatte said based on the footprints found, “The sauropods were more than 49-feet-long and weighed more than 10-tons.”

They were also most likely wading in shallow water at the time the footprints were made. Scientists have found dozens more of the footprints nearby.

“Border Collie Patrol”

Yeager Airport in West Virginia is solving its biggest runway problem with the help of Hercules, an 18-month-old border collie. The airport has hired the dog to chase away birds and other animals that linger on the runway. Assistant director at Yeager, Nick Keller believes that once trained, Hercules will be able to reduce deadly animal collisions with planes. The staff will also be trained on how to work with the border collie as if he just a regular human colleague. He’s even getting a reflective vest, safety glasses and ear protection just like everyone else.


  • A Kansas woman called police when she returned home to find her door chained from the inside. She believed someone had broke into her house, but police never found anyone. Two-hours later her ex-boyfriends legs broke through the ceiling. Apparently, he’d been hiding in the attic. The good news? Her current boo was with her at the time and pulled Tyler Bergkamp the rest of the way through the ceiling. And while they did get into a fight, it’s Bergkamp who’s been arrested on aggravated burglary, stalking, criminal damage to property, criminal theft and possession of methamphetamine.
  • A woman in Alabama is arrested after setting fire to a ham that caused an explosion. Beverly Harrison’s family brought her the ham to the Bomar Inn where she resides, but Harrison refused to eat it. When they left she set fire to the package and through it in a garbage can. When smoke filled her room, Harrison fled the scene with her dog. According to police, the fire caused a can of butane fuel to explode. If Harrison is convicted of felony arson, she faces up to life in jail.

Offbeat News: Lifeguard Wanted, Stupid Criminals & More

“Enjoying Nature Naturally”

A campground in Rhode Island is looking for a lifeguard with “excellent communication skills” that can do light maintenance at its pond. If this sounds like you, you’re in luck for the job – but there’s a catch. You have to keep an eye on the nudists and a bathing suit is not required. The campground that’s looking for help is none other than Dyer Woods, Rhode Island’s nudist campgrounds.

“We’re a nudist campground. We’re not clothing-optional,” says campground president Jim Johnson. “We found over the years, with clothing-optional places, you get more gawkers, people who just want to show up and look.” The campground has posted an ad for the part-time lifeguard position on Facebook. Johnson feels watching the naked all day wouldn’t be a deterrent factor for prospective candidates.

The position requires a state lifeguard certification and you must be available to work 10 AM to 4 PM on weekends and Monday holidays. If you’re interested call 401-397-3007 to set up an interview.

“Expensive Taste, Expensive Bail”

A young man with very expensive taste buds keeps racking up bar bills and leaves without paying them. Nicholas James Cooper has been arrested a few times in the past couple weeks for going around Washington D.C. with his British accent, ordering extremely expensive drinks and meals at hotel bars and splitting before the bill comes.

His greatest offense was March 23 at his trip to the Ritz Carlton where he ordered himself a rack of lamb and paired it with a $156 bottle of wine. He also did a shot of 34-year-old Irish whiskey that cost $1,200. Do the math – he ate and drank $2,220.40 and he didn’t pay a cent. Not only that, he charged the bill to Denver Nuggets player Trey Lyles’ room (who was in town to play the Washington Wizards).

Police later arrested Cooper, but he didn’t go down without a fight. He refused to comply and resisted – asking cops to “just shoot” him. Officers were able to arrest him after tackling him to the ground. When they did so a bottle of alcohol fell out of his pocket. Cooper was arrested two times prior to this instance for similar charges and destruction of property. He’s due in court April 12, 2018. Hopefully he manages his meals between now and then…

“Falling in Love”

Not one, but two couples have said “I do” while falling 14 stories on a rollercoaster at Six Flags America. The couples along with their bridesmaids and groomsmen were treated to a ceremony below the Voodoo Drop at the park and later began the ascent to the tops of the 140-foot ride. Then just as they said there final “I do’s,” the coaster dropped them at 56-miles per hour. Spokesperson for Six Flags America, Denise Stokes says it was part of their 20th anniversary of the park and they wanted to do something special for the milestone.

“Bachelor Life”

An 18-year-old in China has applied to the Women’s University in Beijing in hopes of finding himself a lady. Due to the one-child policy in China that favored boys, the male to female ratio in China is pretty distorted. The teen says one of the reasons he wanted to study at the all girl’s college was to make it easier for himself to find a girlfriend. The school says they have as many as 15 male students taking classes alongside the 1,500 females at the university so its quite rare that they accept men. In fact, last year, the school only accepted one male. However, this unnamed fellow has passed the interview stage and is on to his final screenings for acceptance.


  • A U-Haul driver led police on a 20-mile chase in New Hampshire before the van ran out of gas. Police say trouble began when they approached the vehicle and the driver appeared to be passed out. As they got closer, Edward Alexander drove off leading police on a 20-mile interstate chase. The van eventually ran out of gas on a ramp and Alexander was arrested for reckless conduct, disobeying a police, and drunken driving.
  • Police in Northern Ireland have arrested three seniors in connection with a massive pot haul. They were among six arrested after a marijuana lode worth over $1.6-million was found inside a home. Detective Superintendent Bobby Singleton believes the bust may be linked to an organized crime group in Northern Ireland and that it was the largest seizure of drugs they’ve had in some time. A 72-year-old man and 58-year-old woman have been released on bail, while three others remain in jail.

Offbeat News: The Best Birthday, Stupid Criminals & More

“Listen to Your Body”

Kevin Daly knew something was up when he had trouble losing weight in his midsection. He’s naturally tall and slim and was always athletic growing up, so the extra pounds were pretty frustrating. In December 2015, the stomach grew even larger after undergoing heart surgery. He managed to lose 34 pounds, yet the tummy was still there. After an abdominal cat scan, Daly discovered he’d been housing a massive growth. The tumor was considered a low-grade liposarcoma. Surgeons removed the 12 pound tumor along with a kidney and Daly was down another 30 pounds. His doctor Julio Teixeira says Daly’s story is an important lesson on taking care of yourself and listening to your body.

“Best Birthday Ever”

Canadian teen, Charlie Lagarde celebrated her 18th birthday by winning lotto. Charlie bought the four dollar scratch off for her big day when it won the grand prize in the Gagnant a Vie lottery. She’ll now receive $1,000 a week for the rest of her life.

“Cargo Class”

Chief Executive Officer of Australian airline Qantas Airways, Alan Joyce has some interesting ideas for future aircrafts that include putting passengers in the cargo hold. Joyce wants to use the cargo hold- you know the place where pets sometimes die and battery fires can start- as a new cabin class where passengers sleep in pods and can exercise. Its all part of his new plan “Project Sunshine,” which seeks to create a nonstop flight from Australia to the UK and Australia to New York in 20 hours. He wants to execute plans within the next four years.


  • Police in Largo, Florida have been accused of using a dead man’s finger to unlock his cell phone. Linus Phillip Jr. was shot and killed by police during an altercation at a Wawa gas station. Police had taken his phone as evidence and went to the funeral home where Phillip’s body was being preserved. They then tried to use his thumb to unlock the phone, but had no such luck. Phillip’s girlfriend Victoria Armstrong says she saw police carrying the phone and a funeral home staff member told her what they did with Phillip’s hand. As of now, the family just wants to see surveillance footage from the Wawa incident, but express outrage over the cellphone incident.
  • A Florida man has been charged after taunting police officers while riding a four wheeler with a beer in his hand. Police attempted a traffic stop on three four wheelers and while two stopped for officers, another continued. The driver, Aaron Keith Clark later returned to the scene and rive in circles yelling at cops “Come and get me!” Reinforcement arrived shortly after and Clark continued his tirade while holding a beer can. He eventually drove off, but police later tracked him to his house. Clark was then taken into custody, but doesn’t remember the incident. He’s charged with fleeing and attempting to elude and reckless driving.

Offbeat News: A Snapchat Snafu, Stupid Criminals & More

“Symphony of the Seas”

Royal Caribbean has beat its own record of largest ship in the world with its Symphony of the Seas ship. The ship is larger than the previous largest cruise ship, Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas. The Symphony of the Seas extends 18 floors high and is as long as the Empire State Building carrying 6,700 passengers.

With a ship that large, you could imagine there’s plenty to do on board. The ship features a laser tag arena, a 10-story racing slide, rock climbing and ice-skating. It also includes the Bionic Bar where robots serve the drinks, a sports bar with 30 big-screen TVs and Broadway’s “Hairspray” will serve as the ship’s live entertainment.

The vessel also hold a luxury family suite quipped with a two-story slide, private movie theater and Lego wall. The largest cruise ship in the world embarks on its maiden voyage Saturday from Barcelona, after leaving its port in France.

“Tomb Raider”

A coffin that had been previously classified as empty has been housing human remains this whole time. Scientists in Australia have uncovered human feet and bones inside the 2,500 year old coffin after it had been untouched for more than 150 years. Researchers say the discovery was actually made last year, but is just coming to light now.

The coffin was one of four brought the to Nicholson Museum at the University of Sydney from Egypt in 1860. It was believed empty and researchers studied the other three coffins with complete mummies inside. Scientists say the mummy was “badly torn apart” most likely by tomb raiders at some point in history and only about 10% of the body remains. Dr. Jamie Fraser from the museum says the hieroglyphics on the coffin date back to 600 BC and was built for a female priestess or worshiper named Mer-Neith-it-es.

Still, the findings may pose research opportunities for other scientists. Dr. Fraser says, “By doing this process of excavation we can stabilize the remains and conserve them properly.”

“Snapchat Snafu”

An EasyJet pilot has been suspended for using Snapchat and posting photos of him and his co-pilot messing around in the cockpit on social media. Michael Castellucci and his co-pilot were posting pics using Snapchat filters mid flight from Paris to Madrid, while flying 30,000 feet in the air. EasyJet received complaints about the photos regarding the safety of the passengers, calling Castellucci “unprofessional” and his acts “dangerous.” A spokeswoman for the airline assures that the passengers’ safety was not compromised at the time. However, Castellucci is suspended during an investigation. He has since deleted all of his social media.

“3 Days, 9 Lives”

A cat from Phoenix has finally been rescued after spending three days on top of a utility pole. Numerous calls were made to the Phoenix Fire Department to save Gypsy the cat who’d been stuck on top of the pole since Friday. Though Captain Rob McDade says they frequently rescue pets from dangerous situations, they had human lives to save at the same time. After countless calls and a viral Facebook post shared over nine thousand times, Gypsy was rescued safely by a nearby resident with a ladder.


  • Police were able to find a burglar suspect after he was caught catching some Z’s in someone else’s home. A New Haven homeowner wasn’t home at the time, but caught the suspect on a surveillance system. When officers got to the home, they found the suspect snoozing on a living room sofa. The man has been charged with third-degree burglary and first-degree criminal trespass.
  • A woman was stopped in her tracks by police after she attempted to steal a chocolate bunny from a Myrtle Beach Walgreens. Upon being confronted about the attempt, the woman crumbled up the bunny and threw it back inside the store before asking “Are we good?” and leaving the store. Police have it that the woman walked past all of the registers before leaving the Walgreens.

Offbeat News: Family Pet Comes Back from the Dead, Stupid Criminals and More

“Fe-line Good Story”

A family from England is shocked after their pet cat they thought they’d buried turned up alive. The Robinsons believed their cat died after it went missing during a recent storm. The family searched for their missing Willow for ten days before finding the remains of what they believed was their kitty.

The cat they found had similar markings to Willow, but was run over so the vet couldn’t do a proper scan. Caterina Robinson says her children Josh and Buddy were so devastated they had to take a day from school. As you might’ve guessed, the Robinsons held an emotional burial for their beloved pet. So imagine their shock when when the real Willow showed up two days later.

As it turns out, Willow is alive, but the Robinsons have buried and mourned over someone else’s cat.

“It’s amazing but we obviously have someone else’s cat buried in our garden,” says Caterina. “We can at least say that they had a nice burial.”

“…’Altitude’ Sickness”

In case you missed it, more than 100 passengers were left stranded in an airport hotel in Germany for three days after their TAP Air Portugal flight was cancelled. The cause? The co-pilot was drunk.

The flight had been scheduled to take off Friday from Stuttgart Airport in Germany to Lisbon, Germany when an airport staff member noticed the co-pilot stumbling and reeking of alcohol.

Authorities chose to keep the plane grounded and gave the 106 passengers hotel rooms to stay in overnight. Okay, but on Saturday, passengers found out their flight had been rescheduled for yesterday, leaving them stranded at the airport all weekend. The airline was not immediately available for comment, but at last check – everyone finally got on their way.

“Just Your Every Day Betty Crocker-Kardashian”

Helen Rosner, a food writer for The New Yorker has taken a very different approach to crisping her chicken… by using her $400 Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. And so no one feels left out, she shared her method to “maximize skin crispiness” on Twitter.

“I am using an astonishingly expensive hair dryer to remove all moisture from a chicken to maximize skin crispiness when I roast it,” wrote Rosner. She went on to explain her odd process to Allure magazine.

“For crisp skin, whether you’re cooking a chicken or a duck or a fish, you want there to be as little water moisture as possible, which is sped up by a fan,” Rosner explains. “And that’s all a hair-dryer really is — a hand-held fan that you can pretty easily bring into the kitchen.”

And by the way? Rosner says you can “use any hair dryer on the chicken,” even one without a “cool” setting, but Rosner won’t be parting with her Dyson anytime soon.

“The fact that it’s way, way, way better at drying my hair than any other dryer I’ve tried is just a bonus,” says Rosner. “The fact that it helps my roast chicken be so great is a double bonus.”


  • An Alabama man (with a long criminal history) led police on a wild goose chase around town that ended INSIDE a Walmart. Police say they were investigating the local trafficking of meth when Steven Bertrand Dawson refused to stop for officers. Police followed Dawson on a 20-mile chase that ended when Dawson crashed into a barrier in front of a Walmart. But that’s not where it ended – Dawson then ran inside the store, where police detained him in the produce section. When they returned to his vehicle, officials found a woman passed out in his front seat. She was subsequently taken to the hospital where she was treated for non-life threatening injuries.
  • A Queens man called the cops to report he was hiding in his bathroom from armed men, but when cops showed up… all they found was his huge stash of weapons. The man claimed he was hiding from shooters in his apartment, but when officials arrived, they found the man sweating and laughing with his arsenal of hand guns, rifles, magazines, ammunition, and fireworks nearby. The unidentified man admitted to drinking alcohol and taking pills. Obviously, he’s expected to face a number of charges.

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Offbeat News: When You Wish Upon a Beard, Stupid Criminals & More

“Betting on a Boy”

After five generations of girls in the Berriman family, a baby boy has finally joined the herd. Having a girl in the family was so common, the grandparents often placed bets on the gender of the next child born to the family. That all changed when Demi Berriman brought Arnie Ellis, the first boy in ten women, into the world last June, but he wasn’t coming into the world without a fight.

Arnie was born prematurely with severe health issues including sepsis and gastroschisis (meaning his intestines were born outside his body). The little guy weighed under three-pounds and spent two months in the hospital before he was able to come home. But his fight for health has continued – until recently.

While he still needs checkups every six months, Arnie is finally – officially – on the road to recovery.

“He is our little trooper,” says mom Demi. “At one point we were told he only had 24 hours to live but look at him now. He is fantastic… he is demanding and cheeky.”

As for having another boy in the family, the Berrimans stopped placing bets.

“When You Wish Upon a Beard”

Once known as “the most interesting man in the world,” Jonathan Goldsmith brought his finely groomed beard to judge the Best Beardies competition in Vermont, hosted by the Make-a-Wish Foundation. His task? Deciding the best looking beard in the Green Mountain State.

Goldsmith thinks a beard can say a lot about the man who’s wearing it. “If it’s wild looking, unkempt — that has some statement. If it’s immaculately trimmed, it might mean that he keeps a clean desk,” he explains.”If it’s really long, I would say that it’s somebody who is his own man and doesn’t really care about convention.”

This year’s Top Beardie award ultimately went to Chip Fortune of Colchester, Vermont for his mountain man-style beard. Other winners included Troy Headrick for his urban beard, Louie Coli for his freestyle beard, Dillon Mears took home people’s choice, and Steve Jalbert was the top fundraiser. Each won a plaque and a gift card for beard care products and, of course, the right to brag. The competition also raised $45,000 for Make-a-Wish, which topped the almost $30,000 it raised last year.

“Up in Flames”

An animatronic dinosaur at a Colorado theme park went extinct after catching fire. The T-Rex at the Royal Gorge Dinosaur Experience smoldered for about 10 minutes before completely engulfing in flames. At some points, witnesses thought it looked like the dino was breathing fire. The T-Rex was one of 16 dinosaurs at the park that moved and made sounds at the Wild Walk exhibit. Park co-owner Zach Reynolds hopes to have a replacement by the summer.


  • A group of inmates is on rooster duty for 200 birds after the Arkansas sheriff’s office seized them after a cockfight. They’re hoping to use the birds as evidence against 137 people arrested in the incident. Several agencies were reportedly working on the case that moved every weekend. At last check, 34 people face felony counts of unlawful animal fighting while 86 face misdemeanor charges. The others arrested were spectators.
  • Police in Oregon arrested a man after he attacked the McDonald’s golden arches in Sutherlin. Jedediah Ezekiel Fulton allegedly got upset when employees refused to make him the 30 double cheeseburgers he ordered. He then proceeded to destroy a banner and attack those famous golden arches. He also grabbed a person’s shirt, which prompted another witness to pull a gun. Fulton was later arrested on suspicion of second-degree disorderly conduct, second-degree criminal trespass, second-degree criminal mischief and harassment.

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Offbeat News: A Loch Ness Mystery, Stupid Criminals & More

“Loch Ness Lost”

Is it possible the Loch Ness monster has been spotted on a Georgia beach? Probably not, considering Nessie is a Scottish legend, but one man did capture a strange creature washed up on Wolf Island. Jeff Warren of Waycross, Georgia was taken back when he saw the mysterious creature on the shore. It has a striking resemblance to Nessie, but some were quick to shut that idea down.

“It looks like a deep sea shark, like a frilled shark,” says Chantal Audran of the Tybee Island Marine Science. “Although I don’t see gill slits.” Unfortunately, the world may never know what it really was as the body was never recovered. Some are starting to wonder if the video was just a hoax. Chuck Bangley of the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center thinks its just a weirdly decomposed shark, if it was even real.

“After taking a look at the photo the tail looks pretty sharky, so my guess (if it’s real and not a Photoshop job) is that it’s some kind of badly decomposed shark,” says Bangley. “Basking sharks do tend to flatten out like that when they wash up.”

“Dogs Over Everything”

A group of students at the University of Michigan would rather have their student body ran by a dog than a human. Not just any dog though, they want to elect Reggie the Campus Corgi as president of the student body.

Reggie often makes visits to the campus with his human Michael P. Sola who’s a resident of Ann Arbor. Michael often takes Reggie for walks during peak hours at the college to meet with students and let them pet him and give him treats. A Facebook group that loves the pup so much is urging students to write in Reggie’s name on the ballot for president, but Reggie isn’t quite ready to lead the student body. Reggie’s Facebook urged students to do otherwise.

“Because some of my good human friends are “truly” running for Student Government President, I’ve decided to ask all my friends to get out and Vote for Them,” the post reads. “They deserve your support in their sincere desire to become leaders of the student body. I’m now returning to simply running with my little doggo friend. Thanks for supporting your candidate’s for student body government with a few minutes of your time in voting! Please help, by reposting this wherever you can!” Though Reggie the corgi isn’t making the run for pres, the pup is pretty popular. He’s even reached the Facebook friends limit of 5,000 friends.

“Great Pacific Garbage”

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch sounds just as scary as it is. The mass of plastic and other debris has taken up a very large space in the Pacific Ocean right in between Hawaii and California. How big are we talking? More than 600,000 square miles. To put that into perspective, its twice the size of Texas.

According to Laurent Lebreton of the Ocean Cleanup Foundation, winds and ocean currents drag the garbage to that spot. It contains about 1.8-trillion pieces of plastic and weighs 88,000 tons or 500 jumbo jets. Unfortunately, this isn’t the only plastic mass in the ocean. Lebreton says that the Great Pacific Grabage Patch is the largest of five trash collections in the oceans.

So what can be done about it? Spokesman of Ocean Cleanup Foundation, Joost Dubois says its time to start cleaning up. “It’s a ticking time bomb of larger material,” Dubois says. “We’ve got to get it before it breaks down into a size that’s too small to collect and also dangerous for marine life.” Scientists along with the European Space Agency are working to take photos of the ocean garbage patches from space. Lebreton says, “How long plastic may remain in the ocean is a big unknown, but unless we begin to remove it, some would say it may remain there forever.”


  • Police originally responded to a call that Leland O’Malley was lingering outside a Wisconsin home and appeared intoxicated. When police tried to make approach the man, O’Malley launched at them and forced the officer to release one of the K-9 dogs on him. O’Malley tried to bite the dog twice. He faces misdemeanor charges of two counts of disorderly conduct, one count of resisting arrest, and one count of striking a police animal.
  • Police in St. Louis are on the look out for a brisket bandit. Callier’s Catering is one of the businesses that has been targeted in the incidents. Their security cameras caught a man walk out of their walk-in cooler carrying what appears to be beef. Salt and Smoke Barbeque have been hit twice, both times their smoker’s stainless steal doors were messed with. Dennis Callier of Callier catering is hoping surveillance footage will help find the suspect.
  • A thief might as well have not worn a mask when he robbed a cellphone store in India. Surveillance caught the man on camera wearing a thin plastic see-through bag over his face when robbed the store of $2,000 in phones and accessories. Thanks to his poor disguise, police were able to identify the man and make an arrest.

Offbeat News: Fieri’s Follicles, A Voting Bear & More

“Fieri’s Follicles”

It’s easy to admit how iconic Guy Fieri’s hair is. So what if we told you its possible to own a strand of his luscious locks? A fan website of his hair, Fieri’s Follicles is now offering fans of the foodie the chance to own strands, even locks of his hair for a very reasonable price.

The site says you can purchase a single hair for $10, “binary” hairs for $15, and a “constellation” of his hair for $20. Hairs can be purchased on either his head or his beard and you’ll even receive a certificate of purchase from the Fieri Follicle Federation. It kind of works like naming a star and there’s even an algorithm to figure out exactly how many hairs can be sold, 115,000 to be exact.

The process is totally legit, too, but they have no affiliation with Fieri.

“Fieri’s Follicles makes no legal claim to officially assigning names to hairs on Guy Fieri’s head or Goatee,” says the website. “Only Guy Fieri has the authority to assign names to his hairs and it would be totally weird if he started doing that.”

You can purchase hairs via credit card or Paypal. Proceeds go to Fieri’s non-profit Cooking With Kids.

“Burger King Blasted”

A Massachusetts Burger King is under fire after hanging up a sign about overdosing. The sign read: “You are only allowed one overdose and then you are banned from this establishment.” Management has been asked to remove the sign and local authorities have stepped in to help with what they think is an ongoing overdose issue.

According to customers, the Worcester location is known for its drug activity.

“It’s common knowledge, people do use those restrooms to do that sort of thing,” says one customer. “There have been overdoses in there.”

Reports say that this location in particular has seen nine overdoses between September 2016 and September 2017. Burger King is investigating the situation, but assures that this is an isolated incident.

“Dressed to Impress”

A Russian voter showed up to cast his vote for president in his best threads- a bear costume. Videos show the giant bear receive a ballot and head into the voting booth. Unfortunately, he didn’t quite fit, but he was eventually able to cast his ballot. According to locals, the bear isn’t the first weird voter. The same station in 2 other locations had previously been visited by voters dressed as a panda and a yeti. Click here to see the video. In case you were wondering, Vladimir Putin won his own elections with 76% of the vote…. again. However, there are videos all over the web of “ballot stuffing” and other suspect activities being done on behalf of Mr. Putin.


  • Rigoberto Campus of Wyandanch, New York has 26 license suspensions on his license and he may be about to add another. Campus hit an elderly woman’s car in Kings Park and then fled the scene. He ran into nearby woods after and remained at large until he was arrested. What’s even more weird is another man with 76 license suspensions was arrested the same day. Darryl McDonald, also of Wyandanch, was pulled over for having an expired inspection sticker. After a routine DMV check, McDonald was revealed to have been driving with a license suspended 76 times on 15 separate dates. He was charged with aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, while Campus faces the same plus leaving the scene of an accident.
  • Police were called to a White Castle in Indiana on a report of a suspicious person. Turns out that person was carrying a “suspected one pot” meth lab. The lab is basically a bottle filled with chemicals and is super dangerous as there’s only a thin plastic layer protecting the chemicals from exposure. Four officers were treated after being exposed to the chemicals inside the bottle and the man was taken into custody. A White Castle spokeswoman says that there were no violations found in the restaurant after a health inspection.
  • Houston police raided an illegal game room that fronted as a Zumba studio. The room was located in a strip mall in Southwest Houston where police seized dozens of illegal gambling machines along with thousands of dollars in cash. Officers arrested the room’s attendant. They also posted to Facebook of the dangers of such an illegal operation. They say game rooms and their customers, “are often targets for other types of crime due to large amounts of cash on hand and patrons who are often elderly” and operators “are often reluctant to report crimes to the proper authorities due to the illegal nature of their businesses.”

Offbeat News: A Red Sea Birth, Stupid Criminals & More

“No Privacy During Pregnancy”

Not everyone gives birth in the hospital, but one Russian tourist has upped the ante on water births. She took a dip in the Red Sea to give birth to her baby with her doctor and husband right beside her.

The unnamed woman gave birth right off the coast of resort town, Dahab in Egypt. Pictures taken by another tourist from a hotel balcony show the baby still attached to its umbilical chord with the placenta in a plastic bowl. You can see mom and dad in their bathing suits looking happy and excited about the successful birth.

The photos went viral on Facebook with some users praising the “beauty” and “easiness” on the birth. The family has not been named and no word on the baby’s gender or condition.

“Elsa to the Rescue”

With the recent wintery weather the north east has been getting, some often wonder who ticked off Frozen‘s Princess Elsa. Well, one drag queen dressed as the Disney princess didn’t seem all too upset to help out struggling police officers in Boston.

Elsa, who’s been identified as Boston attorney Jason Triplett, was enjoying a night out with fellow queens at neighborhood bar, The Gallows. Footage of Triplett helping out the cops was taken by Christopher B. Haynes, who says Triplett joked, “I wanted to blend in tonight so I threw this on.” Well there was no blending in when the Boston Police wagon got stuck in the snow during the most recent nor’easter. Elsa jumped in to single handedly push the wagon out of the snow.

If you wanna see the video – and you know you do… you can check it out at the Bob’s Morning Brew Facebook Page.

“Trail Blazing Via Blimp”

A blimp took a water skier to new lengths as it towed her for 6.9 miles across Lake Elsignore in California. Kari McCollum broke a Guinness World Record for the tow, beating out the previous record of five miles towed by blimp. The event sponsors, T-Mobile and AirSign, tried breaking two other records for largest number of people skiing under a blimp and fastest text sent from someone skiing behind a blimp, but no such luck with the text and due to weather conditions, they didn’t even bother to try largest group.

“Meteorologist on a Mission”

A weatherman who legally changed his name to Meteorologist Drew Anderson wants to run for Congress in Pennsylvania. He’s currently collecting signatures to get on the Republican primary ballot. He’d then run against U.S. Rep. Lloyd Smucker. Meteorologist says he wants to be “the loudest and the biggest voice for science in Washington.” In case you were wondering, yes his name on the ballot would in fact read Meteorologist Drew Anderson.

“Faster Than a Cannonball”

Shooting a human out of a cannon ball may be something you’d think you can only see in video games, but “veteran performer” David Smith Jr. has done it twice and this second time he’s beat his own record. Smith is known as “The Bullet” and just broke the Guinness World Record for human cannonball distance when he was launched 194 feet and eight inches into the air from a cannon. The event was modeled after the forthcoming pirate-themed Xbox game “Sea of Thieves.” His last attempt in 2013 had him 193 feet and eight-point-eight inches in the air. His latest launch was sponsored by Xbox and livestreamed on their Mixer Xbobx Channel.


  • Washington police are on the hunt for a couple who’ve stolen $20,000 in vitamins. Justin Pederson and Anita Thompson have reportedly hit up stores across the state, filling reusable grocery bags with expensive vitamins and simply walking out the front door.
  • An 18-year-old is arrested after cops found stolen traffic signs in his car. Police in Ocala, Florida responded to a call of a crash at a local Kangaroo gas station that involved a tractor-trailer and Toyota Corolla. Cops immediately smelled marijuana coming from the Corolla. When they searched the car they found the pot, drug paraphernalia, and 10 traffic signs. Among the signs were speed limit signs, a stop sign, and a “Do Not Enter” sign. The owner of the vehicle, David Pietrzak was arrested for grand theft, possession of alcohol under 21, criminal mischief, intent to sell, possession of marijuana over 20 grams and possession of drug paraphernalia. He’s still in the slammer on $30,500 bail.
  • A trio of thieves in New Orleans were caught with 52 stolen Yeti coolers worth more than $16,000. Demetrius Johnson, Anthony Jackson and Leon Gamble stole 32 of the expensive coolers in Louisiana and another 20 in Texas. Police caught the suspects when they spotted Demetrius standing outside of a hotel loading one of the Yeti coolers into a trailer filled with 40 more. Among the coolers, authorities also found stolen Adidas clothing. The three are charged with possession of stolen property, but more charges may pop up after an investigation.


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