Offbeat News: A Snapchat Snafu, Stupid Criminals & More

“Symphony of the Seas”

Royal Caribbean has beat its own record of largest ship in the world with its Symphony of the Seas ship. The ship is larger than the previous largest cruise ship, Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas. The Symphony of the Seas extends 18 floors high and is as long as the Empire State Building carrying 6,700 passengers.

With a ship that large, you could imagine there’s plenty to do on board. The ship features a laser tag arena, a 10-story racing slide, rock climbing and ice-skating. It also includes the Bionic Bar where robots serve the drinks, a sports bar with 30 big-screen TVs and Broadway’s “Hairspray” will serve as the ship’s live entertainment.

The vessel also hold a luxury family suite quipped with a two-story slide, private movie theater and Lego wall. The largest cruise ship in the world embarks on its maiden voyage Saturday from Barcelona, after leaving its port in France.

“Tomb Raider”

A coffin that had been previously classified as empty has been housing human remains this whole time. Scientists in Australia have uncovered human feet and bones inside the 2,500 year old coffin after it had been untouched for more than 150 years. Researchers say the discovery was actually made last year, but is just coming to light now.

The coffin was one of four brought the to Nicholson Museum at the University of Sydney from Egypt in 1860. It was believed empty and researchers studied the other three coffins with complete mummies inside. Scientists say the mummy was “badly torn apart” most likely by tomb raiders at some point in history and only about 10% of the body remains. Dr. Jamie Fraser from the museum says the hieroglyphics on the coffin date back to 600 BC and was built for a female priestess or worshiper named Mer-Neith-it-es.

Still, the findings may pose research opportunities for other scientists. Dr. Fraser says, “By doing this process of excavation we can stabilize the remains and conserve them properly.”

“Snapchat Snafu”

An EasyJet pilot has been suspended for using Snapchat and posting photos of him and his co-pilot messing around in the cockpit on social media. Michael Castellucci and his co-pilot were posting pics using Snapchat filters mid flight from Paris to Madrid, while flying 30,000 feet in the air. EasyJet received complaints about the photos regarding the safety of the passengers, calling Castellucci “unprofessional” and his acts “dangerous.” A spokeswoman for the airline assures that the passengers’ safety was not compromised at the time. However, Castellucci is suspended during an investigation. He has since deleted all of his social media.

“3 Days, 9 Lives”

A cat from Phoenix has finally been rescued after spending three days on top of a utility pole. Numerous calls were made to the Phoenix Fire Department to save Gypsy the cat who’d been stuck on top of the pole since Friday. Though Captain Rob McDade says they frequently rescue pets from dangerous situations, they had human lives to save at the same time. After countless calls and a viral Facebook post shared over nine thousand times, Gypsy was rescued safely by a nearby resident with a ladder.


  • Police were able to find a burglar suspect after he was caught catching some Z’s in someone else’s home. A New Haven homeowner wasn’t home at the time, but caught the suspect on a surveillance system. When officers got to the home, they found the suspect snoozing on a living room sofa. The man has been charged with third-degree burglary and first-degree criminal trespass.
  • A woman was stopped in her tracks by police after she attempted to steal a chocolate bunny from a Myrtle Beach Walgreens. Upon being confronted about the attempt, the woman crumbled up the bunny and threw it back inside the store before asking “Are we good?” and leaving the store. Police have it that the woman walked past all of the registers before leaving the Walgreens.


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