Offbeat News: Lifeguard Wanted, Stupid Criminals & More

“Enjoying Nature Naturally”

A campground in Rhode Island is looking for a lifeguard with “excellent communication skills” that can do light maintenance at its pond. If this sounds like you, you’re in luck for the job – but there’s a catch. You have to keep an eye on the nudists and a bathing suit is not required. The campground that’s looking for help is none other than Dyer Woods, Rhode Island’s nudist campgrounds.

“We’re a nudist campground. We’re not clothing-optional,” says campground president Jim Johnson. “We found over the years, with clothing-optional places, you get more gawkers, people who just want to show up and look.” The campground has posted an ad for the part-time lifeguard position on Facebook. Johnson feels watching the naked all day wouldn’t be a deterrent factor for prospective candidates.

The position requires a state lifeguard certification and you must be available to work 10 AM to 4 PM on weekends and Monday holidays. If you’re interested call 401-397-3007 to set up an interview.

“Expensive Taste, Expensive Bail”

A young man with very expensive taste buds keeps racking up bar bills and leaves without paying them. Nicholas James Cooper has been arrested a few times in the past couple weeks for going around Washington D.C. with his British accent, ordering extremely expensive drinks and meals at hotel bars and splitting before the bill comes.

His greatest offense was March 23 at his trip to the Ritz Carlton where he ordered himself a rack of lamb and paired it with a $156 bottle of wine. He also did a shot of 34-year-old Irish whiskey that cost $1,200. Do the math – he ate and drank $2,220.40 and he didn’t pay a cent. Not only that, he charged the bill to Denver Nuggets player Trey Lyles’ room (who was in town to play the Washington Wizards).

Police later arrested Cooper, but he didn’t go down without a fight. He refused to comply and resisted – asking cops to “just shoot” him. Officers were able to arrest him after tackling him to the ground. When they did so a bottle of alcohol fell out of his pocket. Cooper was arrested two times prior to this instance for similar charges and destruction of property. He’s due in court April 12, 2018. Hopefully he manages his meals between now and then…

“Falling in Love”

Not one, but two couples have said “I do” while falling 14 stories on a rollercoaster at Six Flags America. The couples along with their bridesmaids and groomsmen were treated to a ceremony below the Voodoo Drop at the park and later began the ascent to the tops of the 140-foot ride. Then just as they said there final “I do’s,” the coaster dropped them at 56-miles per hour. Spokesperson for Six Flags America, Denise Stokes says it was part of their 20th anniversary of the park and they wanted to do something special for the milestone.

“Bachelor Life”

An 18-year-old in China has applied to the Women’s University in Beijing in hopes of finding himself a lady. Due to the one-child policy in China that favored boys, the male to female ratio in China is pretty distorted. The teen says one of the reasons he wanted to study at the all girl’s college was to make it easier for himself to find a girlfriend. The school says they have as many as 15 male students taking classes alongside the 1,500 females at the university so its quite rare that they accept men. In fact, last year, the school only accepted one male. However, this unnamed fellow has passed the interview stage and is on to his final screenings for acceptance.


  • A U-Haul driver led police on a 20-mile chase in New Hampshire before the van ran out of gas. Police say trouble began when they approached the vehicle and the driver appeared to be passed out. As they got closer, Edward Alexander drove off leading police on a 20-mile interstate chase. The van eventually ran out of gas on a ramp and Alexander was arrested for reckless conduct, disobeying a police, and drunken driving.
  • Police in Northern Ireland have arrested three seniors in connection with a massive pot haul. They were among six arrested after a marijuana lode worth over $1.6-million was found inside a home. Detective Superintendent Bobby Singleton believes the bust may be linked to an organized crime group in Northern Ireland and that it was the largest seizure of drugs they’ve had in some time. A 72-year-old man and 58-year-old woman have been released on bail, while three others remain in jail.

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