Offbeat News: Fieri’s Follicles, A Voting Bear & More

“Fieri’s Follicles”

It’s easy to admit how iconic Guy Fieri’s hair is. So what if we told you its possible to own a strand of his luscious locks? A fan website of his hair, Fieri’s Follicles is now offering fans of the foodie the chance to own strands, even locks of his hair for a very reasonable price.

The site says you can purchase a single hair for $10, “binary” hairs for $15, and a “constellation” of his hair for $20. Hairs can be purchased on either his head or his beard and you’ll even receive a certificate of purchase from the Fieri Follicle Federation. It kind of works like naming a star and there’s even an algorithm to figure out exactly how many hairs can be sold, 115,000 to be exact.

The process is totally legit, too, but they have no affiliation with Fieri.

“Fieri’s Follicles makes no legal claim to officially assigning names to hairs on Guy Fieri’s head or Goatee,” says the website. “Only Guy Fieri has the authority to assign names to his hairs and it would be totally weird if he started doing that.”

You can purchase hairs via credit card or Paypal. Proceeds go to Fieri’s non-profit Cooking With Kids.

“Burger King Blasted”

A Massachusetts Burger King is under fire after hanging up a sign about overdosing. The sign read: “You are only allowed one overdose and then you are banned from this establishment.” Management has been asked to remove the sign and local authorities have stepped in to help with what they think is an ongoing overdose issue.

According to customers, the Worcester location is known for its drug activity.

“It’s common knowledge, people do use those restrooms to do that sort of thing,” says one customer. “There have been overdoses in there.”

Reports say that this location in particular has seen nine overdoses between September 2016 and September 2017. Burger King is investigating the situation, but assures that this is an isolated incident.

“Dressed to Impress”

A Russian voter showed up to cast his vote for president in his best threads- a bear costume. Videos show the giant bear receive a ballot and head into the voting booth. Unfortunately, he didn’t quite fit, but he was eventually able to cast his ballot. According to locals, the bear isn’t the first weird voter. The same station in 2 other locations had previously been visited by voters dressed as a panda and a yeti. Click here to see the video. In case you were wondering, Vladimir Putin won his own elections with 76% of the vote…. again. However, there are videos all over the web of “ballot stuffing” and other suspect activities being done on behalf of Mr. Putin.


  • Rigoberto Campus of Wyandanch, New York has 26 license suspensions on his license and he may be about to add another. Campus hit an elderly woman’s car in Kings Park and then fled the scene. He ran into nearby woods after and remained at large until he was arrested. What’s even more weird is another man with 76 license suspensions was arrested the same day. Darryl McDonald, also of Wyandanch, was pulled over for having an expired inspection sticker. After a routine DMV check, McDonald was revealed to have been driving with a license suspended 76 times on 15 separate dates. He was charged with aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, while Campus faces the same plus leaving the scene of an accident.
  • Police were called to a White Castle in Indiana on a report of a suspicious person. Turns out that person was carrying a “suspected one pot” meth lab. The lab is basically a bottle filled with chemicals and is super dangerous as there’s only a thin plastic layer protecting the chemicals from exposure. Four officers were treated after being exposed to the chemicals inside the bottle and the man was taken into custody. A White Castle spokeswoman says that there were no violations found in the restaurant after a health inspection.
  • Houston police raided an illegal game room that fronted as a Zumba studio. The room was located in a strip mall in Southwest Houston where police seized dozens of illegal gambling machines along with thousands of dollars in cash. Officers arrested the room’s attendant. They also posted to Facebook of the dangers of such an illegal operation. They say game rooms and their customers, “are often targets for other types of crime due to large amounts of cash on hand and patrons who are often elderly” and operators “are often reluctant to report crimes to the proper authorities due to the illegal nature of their businesses.”

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