Offbeat News: The Best Birthday, Stupid Criminals & More

“Listen to Your Body”

Kevin Daly knew something was up when he had trouble losing weight in his midsection. He’s naturally tall and slim and was always athletic growing up, so the extra pounds were pretty frustrating. In December 2015, the stomach grew even larger after undergoing heart surgery. He managed to lose 34 pounds, yet the tummy was still there. After an abdominal cat scan, Daly discovered he’d been housing a massive growth. The tumor was considered a low-grade liposarcoma. Surgeons removed the 12 pound tumor along with a kidney and Daly was down another 30 pounds. His doctor Julio Teixeira says Daly’s story is an important lesson on taking care of yourself and listening to your body.

“Best Birthday Ever”

Canadian teen, Charlie Lagarde celebrated her 18th birthday by winning lotto. Charlie bought the four dollar scratch off for her big day when it won the grand prize in the Gagnant a Vie lottery. She’ll now receive $1,000 a week for the rest of her life.

“Cargo Class”

Chief Executive Officer of Australian airline Qantas Airways, Alan Joyce has some interesting ideas for future aircrafts that include putting passengers in the cargo hold. Joyce wants to use the cargo hold- you know the place where pets sometimes die and battery fires can start- as a new cabin class where passengers sleep in pods and can exercise. Its all part of his new plan “Project Sunshine,” which seeks to create a nonstop flight from Australia to the UK and Australia to New York in 20 hours. He wants to execute plans within the next four years.


  • Police in Largo, Florida have been accused of using a dead man’s finger to unlock his cell phone. Linus Phillip Jr. was shot and killed by police during an altercation at a Wawa gas station. Police had taken his phone as evidence and went to the funeral home where Phillip’s body was being preserved. They then tried to use his thumb to unlock the phone, but had no such luck. Phillip’s girlfriend Victoria Armstrong says she saw police carrying the phone and a funeral home staff member told her what they did with Phillip’s hand. As of now, the family just wants to see surveillance footage from the Wawa incident, but express outrage over the cellphone incident.
  • A Florida man has been charged after taunting police officers while riding a four wheeler with a beer in his hand. Police attempted a traffic stop on three four wheelers and while two stopped for officers, another continued. The driver, Aaron Keith Clark later returned to the scene and rive in circles yelling at cops “Come and get me!” Reinforcement arrived shortly after and Clark continued his tirade while holding a beer can. He eventually drove off, but police later tracked him to his house. Clark was then taken into custody, but doesn’t remember the incident. He’s charged with fleeing and attempting to elude and reckless driving.

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