Offbeat News: A Red Sea Birth, Stupid Criminals & More

“No Privacy During Pregnancy”

Not everyone gives birth in the hospital, but one Russian tourist has upped the ante on water births. She took a dip in the Red Sea to give birth to her baby with her doctor and husband right beside her.

The unnamed woman gave birth right off the coast of resort town, Dahab in Egypt. Pictures taken by another tourist from a hotel balcony show the baby still attached to its umbilical chord with the placenta in a plastic bowl. You can see mom and dad in their bathing suits looking happy and excited about the successful birth.

The photos went viral on Facebook with some users praising the “beauty” and “easiness” on the birth. The family has not been named and no word on the baby’s gender or condition.

“Elsa to the Rescue”

With the recent wintery weather the north east has been getting, some often wonder who ticked off Frozen‘s Princess Elsa. Well, one drag queen dressed as the Disney princess didn’t seem all too upset to help out struggling police officers in Boston.

Elsa, who’s been identified as Boston attorney Jason Triplett, was enjoying a night out with fellow queens at neighborhood bar, The Gallows. Footage of Triplett helping out the cops was taken by Christopher B. Haynes, who says Triplett joked, “I wanted to blend in tonight so I threw this on.” Well there was no blending in when the Boston Police wagon got stuck in the snow during the most recent nor’easter. Elsa jumped in to single handedly push the wagon out of the snow.

If you wanna see the video – and you know you do… you can check it out at the Bob’s Morning Brew Facebook Page.

“Trail Blazing Via Blimp”

A blimp took a water skier to new lengths as it towed her for 6.9 miles across Lake Elsignore in California. Kari McCollum broke a Guinness World Record for the tow, beating out the previous record of five miles towed by blimp. The event sponsors, T-Mobile and AirSign, tried breaking two other records for largest number of people skiing under a blimp and fastest text sent from someone skiing behind a blimp, but no such luck with the text and due to weather conditions, they didn’t even bother to try largest group.

“Meteorologist on a Mission”

A weatherman who legally changed his name to Meteorologist Drew Anderson wants to run for Congress in Pennsylvania. He’s currently collecting signatures to get on the Republican primary ballot. He’d then run against U.S. Rep. Lloyd Smucker. Meteorologist says he wants to be “the loudest and the biggest voice for science in Washington.” In case you were wondering, yes his name on the ballot would in fact read Meteorologist Drew Anderson.

“Faster Than a Cannonball”

Shooting a human out of a cannon ball may be something you’d think you can only see in video games, but “veteran performer” David Smith Jr. has done it twice and this second time he’s beat his own record. Smith is known as “The Bullet” and just broke the Guinness World Record for human cannonball distance when he was launched 194 feet and eight inches into the air from a cannon. The event was modeled after the forthcoming pirate-themed Xbox game “Sea of Thieves.” His last attempt in 2013 had him 193 feet and eight-point-eight inches in the air. His latest launch was sponsored by Xbox and livestreamed on their Mixer Xbobx Channel.


  • Washington police are on the hunt for a couple who’ve stolen $20,000 in vitamins. Justin Pederson and Anita Thompson have reportedly hit up stores across the state, filling reusable grocery bags with expensive vitamins and simply walking out the front door.
  • An 18-year-old is arrested after cops found stolen traffic signs in his car. Police in Ocala, Florida responded to a call of a crash at a local Kangaroo gas station that involved a tractor-trailer and Toyota Corolla. Cops immediately smelled marijuana coming from the Corolla. When they searched the car they found the pot, drug paraphernalia, and 10 traffic signs. Among the signs were speed limit signs, a stop sign, and a “Do Not Enter” sign. The owner of the vehicle, David Pietrzak was arrested for grand theft, possession of alcohol under 21, criminal mischief, intent to sell, possession of marijuana over 20 grams and possession of drug paraphernalia. He’s still in the slammer on $30,500 bail.
  • A trio of thieves in New Orleans were caught with 52 stolen Yeti coolers worth more than $16,000. Demetrius Johnson, Anthony Jackson and Leon Gamble stole 32 of the expensive coolers in Louisiana and another 20 in Texas. Police caught the suspects when they spotted Demetrius standing outside of a hotel loading one of the Yeti coolers into a trailer filled with 40 more. Among the coolers, authorities also found stolen Adidas clothing. The three are charged with possession of stolen property, but more charges may pop up after an investigation.

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