Offbeat News: Border Collie Patrol, Stupid Criminals & More

“Same Day Surprise”

Twin brothers Joshua and Justin Thorington were both in the hospital last week on the same day, for the same reason. Both of their wives were giving birth. First Joshua’s wife, Denise, gave birth to baby Jack and an hour later, Justin’s wife Alex arrived at the hospital… as she was in labor. Alex soon gave birth to baby Lucy. The couples had joked about it happening, but never thought it would come to fruition.

“At first it didn’t really hit me how unique this was, (maybe because I’m a twin),” said Justin. “But the more I think about it the more I realize how special it is.”

“Where the Dinosaurs Roam”

The world’s largest dinosaur footprints have been discovered on the Isle of Skye. The dinos are said to have roamed 170-million years ago. Dr. Steve Brusatte said based on the footprints found, “The sauropods were more than 49-feet-long and weighed more than 10-tons.”

They were also most likely wading in shallow water at the time the footprints were made. Scientists have found dozens more of the footprints nearby.

“Border Collie Patrol”

Yeager Airport in West Virginia is solving its biggest runway problem with the help of Hercules, an 18-month-old border collie. The airport has hired the dog to chase away birds and other animals that linger on the runway. Assistant director at Yeager, Nick Keller believes that once trained, Hercules will be able to reduce deadly animal collisions with planes. The staff will also be trained on how to work with the border collie as if he just a regular human colleague. He’s even getting a reflective vest, safety glasses and ear protection just like everyone else.


  • A Kansas woman called police when she returned home to find her door chained from the inside. She believed someone had broke into her house, but police never found anyone. Two-hours later her ex-boyfriends legs broke through the ceiling. Apparently, he’d been hiding in the attic. The good news? Her current boo was with her at the time and pulled Tyler Bergkamp the rest of the way through the ceiling. And while they did get into a fight, it’s Bergkamp who’s been arrested on aggravated burglary, stalking, criminal damage to property, criminal theft and possession of methamphetamine.
  • A woman in Alabama is arrested after setting fire to a ham that caused an explosion. Beverly Harrison’s family brought her the ham to the Bomar Inn where she resides, but Harrison refused to eat it. When they left she set fire to the package and through it in a garbage can. When smoke filled her room, Harrison fled the scene with her dog. According to police, the fire caused a can of butane fuel to explode. If Harrison is convicted of felony arson, she faces up to life in jail.

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