Offbeat News: George Washington’s Hair, Stupid Criminals & More

“National Treasure”

A lock of George Washington’s hair was found inside a New York state college library book. Union College’s archivists say they found the hair inside an envelope in the book, “Gaines Universal Register or American and British Kalendar for the year 1793.”

The envelope was labeled “Washington’s hair” and was given to James A. Hamilton, son of Alexander Hamilton and wife Eliza. Eliza’s father was said to be a friend of Washington’s. It’s believed the hair was given as a keepsake to Eliza, who then passed it along to her son James.

India Spartz, head of Special Collections and Archives at Schaffer Library is working to preserve the hair along with the book it was found in. “This is a very significant treasure,” says Spartz. “It’s a tremendous testament to history and our connection to some of the most important historical figures.”

“Monkey Business”

A tourist in China had their wallet snatched by a monkey. The monkey was sitting on a fence at Mount Emei in Leshan, Sichuan when it began emptying the contents of the wallet. Moments later the monkey jumped off the fence and ran off with the wallet.

“Deepest Depths”

The American Museum of Natural History in New York is adding a glow in the dark exhibit. The “Unseen Oceans” exhibition will feature fish from the deepest parts of the sea that can only be seen under black light. It will display hundreds of marine species that show biofluorescence. The exhibit is set to open in March.


  • German Police Looking For Pizza Stalker: German police are looking for a man who keeps sending lawyer Guido Grolle pizza pies. Grolle claims he’s being bombarded with pizza orders sent to his office and has already received over 100 pies. Sometimes the buyer switches it up and has sushi or sometimes Greek food delivered. The lawyer wants to press charges, but doesn’t know who’s behind the deliveries in order to do so.
  • Missing Inmate Found Hiding In Ceiling: A Colorado jail was placed on lockdown after an inmate went missing. Less than an hour into the manhunt, which included K9’s, the inmate, Cody Crocker was found unharmed in the ceiling. Authorities aren’t sure how Crocker got up there, but rest assured the inmate is back in his cell.

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