Offbeat News: Furious Mothers, Stupid Criminals & More

“Angry Moms”

Two Washington mothers are furious after their toddlers came home from daycare with freshly waxed brows. They claim someone at the daycare waxed their children’s faces, removing their unibrows.

Alyssa Salgado says she noticed the missing patch of hair after picking her daughter Lilayiah that evening from a college campus. “I got a closer look and I saw she was missing her patch of hair,” offers Salgado. “She has a unibrow and she was born like that.”

Glenda Maria Cruz also claims her son’s unibrow was waxed that same day. “I tried to touch his face. He says, No, no, stop,” notes Cruz. “It hurts me because that’s my baby.” The daycare, run by the Boys and Girls Club, says it “takes these allegations seriously and will work to support the investigation process.”


“Bad Drawing Helps Catch Bad Guy”

This is a RIDICULOUS way for a criminal to get caught right here. A guy stole some cash at a farmer’s market in Lancaster, Pennsylvania last week, and then he took off.

Fortunately, there was a witness who offered to try to draw a sketch of the guy. UNFORTUNATELY, that witness was terrible at drawing.

So they drew a hilariously bad cartoon version of the thief’s face.

BUT . . . believe it or not, one of the detectives thought he might have a hunch who it was, based on the sketch. So he put together a photo lineup for the witness to look through, and they identified the guy who the detective thought it might be.

He’s a 44-year-old guy named Hung Pook Goyen, and now he’s facing a misdemeanor charge of theft by unlawful taking. The cops are trying to track him down.

You can check out a photo of the guy and the sketch and compare ’em for yourself at the Bob’s Morning Brew Facebook page.

“Lost Composure Over Kosher”

An Ohio woman was arrested for menacing after an argument over hot dogs. The woman started threatening an employee and was using her phone to take pictures of her. The threats came after the employee couldn’t confirm if the store’s hot dogs contained pork.

“Exploding Toilet is No Laughing Matter”

Kenneth Capo was arrested in Florida for blowing up a McDonald’s toilet back in August. By blowing up, we mean actual fire, not number two. He set off the explosion, which destroyed the toilet and part of the bathroom. Now, State Attorney Aramis Ayala says they have decided to not move forward with the case. Her office determined that the case was not suitable for prosecution.

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