WATCH: Roger Waters’ “The Last Refugee” Music Video

Roger Waters has been teasing his new album for quite some time now. In gearing up for the release, Waters has officially released a music video for his new song “The Last Refugee”.


“The Last Refugee” is expected to be the third and final pre-release track from Is This the Life We Really Want?. Waters unveiled the first single “Smell the Roses” a week after announcing the album, and followed up two weeks later with teasing the track, “Deja Vu.”

Is This the Life We Really Want? will be his fifth studio album. The new LP is due out June 2nd, and will continue Water’s socially conscious rock n’ roll style. In the press release announcing the album, it is described as an “unflinching commentary on the modern world and uncertain times” — a promise upheld by the video for “The Last Refugee,” which seeks to humanize the displaced by depicting them in the act of creation, expression and reflection.

This album snaps a 25-year drought between studio LPs from the former Pink Floyd frontman.

Track Listing Unveiled for New Roger Waters Album

After teasing his fans with tidbits of info and music from his new album, Roger Waters has released the tracklisting for the record, Is This the Life We Really Want?.

The album is Waters first studio album in 25 years and will be released on June 2nd. The press release (via Rolling Stone) explains that the album is  “unflinching commentary on the modern world and uncertain times.”
The album contains 12 cuts, starting with “When We Were Young” and including the songs “The Last Refugee” and the title track, before concluding with “Part of Me Died.” You can see the entire track listing below.
1. “When We Were Young”
2. “Déjà Vu”
3. “The Last Refugee”
4. “Picture That”
5. “Broken Bones”
6. “Is This the Life We Really Want?”
7. “Bird in a Gale”
8. “The Most Beautiful Girl”
9. “Smell the Roses”
10. “Wait for Her”
11. “Oceans Apart”
12. “Part of Me Died”


The new album’s release will be preceded by the launch of the Us + Them North American Tour. The tour will be over 50 dates and will kick off on May 26th in Kansas City.

Roger Waters on Donald Trump: ‘Hopefully He Can Be Removed From Office’

Roger Waters has always let his opinion on war be known, especially in his music. In Pink Floyd, Waters brought up the effects of war with  The Wall and The Final Cut albums. He has now shifted his political views on the new US President, Donald Trump, the world is heading down a similar and frightening path.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Waters said “fighting is always about cash. War is hugely profitable. It creates so much money because it’s so easy to spend money very fast. There are huge fortunes to be made.”

And he’s worried that Trump sees war as a  lucrative reason for building up the U.S.’ armed forces.

“All the Donald cares about is business,” he said. “He cares about winning and losing at business. He just wants to be the strongest country in the world and to dictate what he believes to everybody else, and he is trying to do so and will continue to try to do so until the resistance grows to the point where hopefully he can be removed from office.”

Waters has also suggested staging The Wall at the U.S.-Mexico border in protest of Trump’s proposed wall. If that doesn’t end up happening, he hopes his upcoming tour will help anyway. “We have to organize our love in such a way that it becomes a potent and powerful enough tour to resist their narcissism and their greed and their callous disregard for the feelings of others and their absolute lack of the ability to empathize with anybody,” he told Rolling Stone. “It’s a lack of empathy that creates a true sociopath like Donald Trump.”

Roger Waters Takes To Instagram To Preview His First Album In 25 Years

Roger Waters decided to give his fans a little tease of his first studio album in 25 years.
The former Pink Floyd member posted a brief clip on Instagram of himself in the studio playing bass. He’s sitting at a mixing board with producer Nigel Godrich (who’s worked with Paul McCartney).

You can check out the clip below.

In addition to the above clip, Waters posted a photo of himself and Godrich taking a break during the album’s sessions.


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