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Offbeat News: A Message in a Bottle, Stupid Criminals & More

“Message in a Bottle”

Kent Howlett and his father Jack found a bottle containing a message on an Australian beach 60 years ago. The message, which was written by a man named Billy Hare and mentioned the Hare family, included a menu of a voyage from Sydney to Auckland, New Zealand.

Kent says his father searched for the Hare family but had no luck finding them and the message was forgotten in a drawer ever since. But through social media, Kent was able to contact Lindy Hare, daugher of William “Billy” Hare and Kent took to Facebook to announce the two would be meeting up soon and exchange stories surrounding the mystery message in a bottle. Lindy says her father died in 2013, but she still has photos from their trip to New Zealand.

Turns out Billy had an incredible life. Besides his link to the message in a bottle, he was Australia’s first radiology professor who brought about the country’s first ultrasound, angiograms and breast screenings.

As for what to do with the message in a bottle, Kent wants to leave that up to Lindy. “I’ll leave it to her whether she wishes to keep them herself or, if not, perhaps it’s museum fodder,” Kent says. “It certainly would be unfortunate to see it in the back of a drawer for another 50 years.”

“Treat Yourself”

A U.K. nursing home is feeling the heat after hiring pole dancers as entertainment for its elders. Local counselors deemed the choice “inappropriate,” but the managers over at Fairmile Grange care home are proud of the decision.

According to operations and quality director Izzy Nicholls, the “residents were given several choices of activity.” Turns out they chose the pole dancers to perform.

Counselor Peter Hall says it’s inappropriate. “It’s not really the sort of entertainment I would have thought that the residents wanted or would have encouraged,” Hall said. Social media, on the other hand, is praising the home with many people saying residents should be able to enjoy themselves.

“Ketchup Fiend”

A Mumbai man now holds the Guinness World Record for slugging down a bottle of ketchup in 30 seconds. Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya holds a few Guinness World Records now, including fitting 88 grapes in his mouth and eating nearly 10 ounces of peanut butter in one minute. He says, “I am doing this record to prove myself as best in this amazing world in this particular record field.” You can see the video here.


  • Troy Miller has a striking resemblance to Mathew McConaughey, but he’s not fooling anyone. After police got a call of a suspicious person ringing doorbells in Georges Township, Pennsylvania, they found Miller sitting in a resident’s car claiming to be McConaughey. He was arrested and charged with attempted theft of a motor vehicle, false identification to law enforcement, and loitering and prowling at night. If you’d like to judge for yourself, you can check out the photo at the Bob’s Morning Brew Facebook page.
  • Louisiana police have arrested a man who broke into a home wearing a towel over his head. After breaking into the home, Rashawn Cooper realizes there’s a security camera and walks out of view. Later he’s seen with a towel over his head to disguise himself. Cooper ended up taking a PlayStation 4 and the security camera. The footage was backed up on to a cloud so it really didn’t matter that he took it. Police found him with the help of the public.


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