Offbeat News: A Pretentious Doctor, Stupid Criminals & More

“Car Conundrum”

A Canadian neurosurgeon who crashed his rare Ferrari F40 in 2012 is demanding British Columbia’s public auto insurer pay an estimated $982,000 citing “insult” to his “sense of dignity.” Dr. Navraj Heran is suing the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia claiming they owe him more money for his accident because the vehicle has been absent from shows and it’s “embarrassing.”

At the time of the accident, he was offered $503,000, but that wasn’t enough for Heran and an arbitrator ruled the payout should total $696,000. The car eventually had to be shipped to Toronto for repairs, upping the payout to $790,000. Now, Heran is asking for $982,000 in his latest civil claim saying it was “unsettling and embarrassing” for him to leave the Ferrari out of his vehicle collection, which he frequently displays to the public. (insert eye roll here)

“The show absence of the vehicle is not a matter the plaintiff should have to repeatedly deal with on a public basis,” says Heran. A judge ruled that his “embarrassment” claim should be struck from his claim as it looks “frivolous.” As of now, the case remains unresolved.

“Boaty McBoatface Beats the Ice”

Boaty McBoatface- the now famous yellow submarine has survived its mission in Antarctica. Boaty traveled under an ice shelf about 1900-feet thick, and returned safely to its launch ship in 48 hours. Boaty’s handlers are planning more expeditions thanks to the success of this one.

“Determined to Run”

A blind Irish runner broke her second Guinness World Record after running 81.09-miles on a treadmill in 12 hours. Sinead Kane previously ran seven marathons in seven days becoming the first blind female to complete a marathon in each continent. She ran the treadmill at the Clayton Hotel Gym in Ireland, beating out the previous record holder by one-point-17 miles. Pretty cool, huh?


  • An Alabama man has been charged with arson after setting a cockroach on fire in the lobby of his apartment building. Christopher Joseph Reidy was arrested when he set a bulletin board on fire in the lobby because “he was just trying to kill a roach.” Though the building didn’t sustain much damage, Reidy is being charged with a felony count of arson and is held at Madison County jail without bail.
  • Miami police are on the hunt for a man who stole a neighbor’s peacock. Video footage shows the man carry the peacock underneath his arm to his truck as other angry peacocks chase him down. Though residents in the neighborhood aren’t huge fans of the peacocks, they are upset about the theft. They also say the don’t recognize the thief or his truck.
  • Anthony J. Morcilio was busted when police found he was growing pot in his apartment. But how he got busted? Stupid. Apparently, Morcilio had an argument with his girlfriend. Cops were called. When they arrived, they were concerned about the “human cries” they said they heard inside. Morcilio told officers his girlfriend called and split – but they couldn’t locate her. So Morcilio let cops into his pad…and when they were searching, they found seven marijuana plants, 12 bags of medical marijuana candy and marijuana growing equipment. He’s now been hit on a bunch of charges, including distribution of a controlled dangerous substance within 500 feet of a public park and within 1,000 feet of a school. And by the way? His girlfriend was fine and those “cries?” Those were from his crated dog.

Offbeat News: Bouldering & Beer, Stupid Criminals & More

“A Special Occasion”

A “bouldering” gym in Twin Cities, Minnesota is putting a twist on rock climbing by offering beer. Twin Cities Bouldering allows patrons to rock climb with no harnesses and ropes – aka bouldering – and now they’re partnering with local breweries for the ultimate time out.

The site is owned by Vertical Endeavors who’ve worked a permit to serve alcohol into their lease agreement. Jonathan Prestrud, a member of Vertical Endeavors thinks combining beer and bouldering is a climber’s norm. “That’s a very climber sort of (thing),” says Prestrud. “Climbers would go out and climb for the day, and after you’d be camping and usually drinking beer.”

Don’t expect an all day party though. Development manager Noal Ronken says beer on site won’t be an everyday thing, “but more of a once a week event partnering with local breweries.” They’ve already partnered with Indeed Brewing Company in Northeast Minneapolis and plan to partner with more. Twin Cities Bouldering will also serve wine on occasion.

“Legal to Live”

On the freezing cold Norwegian island of Longyearbyen it’s legal to live… but illegal to die. The law has been instated since 1950 all because it’s just way too cold. Around that time, bodies that were buried in the local cemetery weren’t decomposing due to the freezing temps.

In the 2000’s, scientists investigated further and found that those buried there that died of the 1917 influenza still carried live samples of the virus. The virus literally froze alive. Thanks to those findings, no one else can be buried there for fear of it spreading to its 2,000 inhabitants.

So what happens if someone is to die? The island doesn’t even have elderly care facilities, so anyone on the brink of kicking the bucket gets transferred to the main land. Usually they’ll spend their remaining days in Oslo. Longyearbyen does allow cremated urns to be buried in its graveyard, but no one bothers to risk it. Other things that are banned on the island include giving birth and cats to protect the Arctic bird population.

“Kangaroo Cyrotherapy”

Dave the Kangaroo of the Bronx Zoo is about to make like Stranger Things’ Eleven and receive cryotherapy. If you’re unfamiliar with the process, basically you get submerged into freezing cold water to help with pain management. The little guy is nearly 15-years-old and suffers from arthritis. Zoo director Jim Breheny says he has “stiffness in his joints” and they’re beginning to ache. The zoo has decided this would be the best treatment and it will be documented on Animal Planet’s “The Zoo.”


  • A Florida teacher was arrested after attacking another woman for wearing short shorts to their children’s baseball practice. Terry Lee Coursey first made a comment about the woman wearing short shorts to the practice then reportedly punched the victim and then tackled her when the fight escalated. She’s pleaded not guilty to a first-degree misdemeanor charge of simple battery and has been suspended from Clay High School where she works.
  • Linda Tracy Gillman of Salt Lake City is being charged for the third time with hiring a hit to kill her ex-husband Duanne H. Gillman. The last two times she’s made the attempt were from jail. While in the Salt Lake City Jail, she asked another inmate to do the deed and believed he was part of a white supremacist gang. Gillman’s attorney Collen Coegergh argues that she was solicited by the “hit” who was after her money, but the jail has it that she tried to hire someone three weeks ago after she tried mailing a check to an inmate for $155,000. She also tried having audio recordings of her confession and plot destroyed. On top of previous charges of criminal solicitation and attempt to obstruct justice, she’s now charged with two more counts of criminal solicitation and two counts of obstructing justice. Her new charges bring her bail to $2.5-million.

Offbeat News: Lost Beer, A Two-Headed Snake & More

“Throw Down Your Standards”

China’s one-child policy ended in 2015 (well sort of, under the new plan, families can have two children if one parent, rather than both parents, was an only child), and now experts are saying that in the next few decades there will be 30-million more men than women.

Because of the huge gender gap, there’s a misogynistic fear these men will be “lonely bachelors” and women are being urged to lower their standards. It’s part of an effort to increase the birth rate in China and “balance” the genders. The Sichuan Daily newspaper feels marriage is really just about tolerating one another anyway:

“Marriage is a process of tolerating each other and it’s impossible that everything goes your way,” said the newspaper. “Change your attitude, return to the reality. Maybe there’ll be some imperfection, but your life will be full for it.”

Women are blamed for “being too fussy” about choosing a mate and have “idealized love.” They’re not settling for a “less okay person.”

“Party Foul”

One truck driver suffered a huge one when he tipped his tractor trailer spilling 60,000 pounds of beer onto a Florida highway. Michael Nolan Powell was driving on I-10 when he started driving outside his lane and traveled onto the shoulder of the road. The truck flipped onto the passenger side, causing 60,000 pounds of Busch beer to spill all over the highway. Good news? Powell only suffered minor injuries. Not great news – he was cited for careless driving. Bad news? No more beer!

“Double the Ratsnake”

If you’re afraid of snakes, stay away from the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco, Texas. They’ve got a two-headed ratsnake in the Freshwater Aquarium… you know, where it can be easily seen! Zoo reptile manager Brian Henley says the thing may grow as long as five feet… and yes, the snake eats regularly with both heads.


  • Filming your child’s first bike ride? That’s pretty normal. Filming them smoke their first bong? Not so much. An Australian mom is now behind bars after filming her 11-year-old son smoking his first bong. In the video – that she posted to Facebook – you can hear the mom encourage her son to “go for it” before he lights it up and inhales. Police found the video 24 hours after it was posted. The 29-year-old mom smokes the drug herself and described it in court as “a harmless, natural, and safe alternative to prescription medication.” District Court Judge Geraldine Davison felt the mom didn’t understand the dangers of giving her child the drug and sentenced her to nine months in jail.
  • A Long Island woman and her father were taken into custody after dumping a bucket of popcorn on a noisy two-year-old’s head during an animated movie. Apparently, the tot asked mom for popcorn and 25-year-old Keri Karman got annoyed. She allegedly put her hand over the child’s mouth before dumping her bucket of popcorn on the tot’s head… and bopped her with the empty container. Karman and her father Charles Karman were later taken into custody (because she did the hitting and he didn’t stop her) and charged with endangering the welfare of a child.


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