Offbeat News for Monday, May 28th

A very disgruntled kid is thanking cops at a Texas police department for pulling over his/her mom. The Fulshear Police Department shared the letter they received from the child who felt it was pay back. The kid writes, “Thank you for pulling my mom over because she deserved it because she took my phone away and I did not like it. And how she always brags about how good of a driver she is. And it just annoys me. And how that one time she got pulled over because she did not have a ezsticker on her window and when she came home and told me that I just laughed. And I also remember that time when one of my mom’s back lights weren’t working and she got pulled over.” The police department had a good laugh tweeting, “Love the (sometimes brutal) honesty of Elementary students.”
When investigators responded to a call in Boulder Creek, Colorado of “skeletal remains” being found they weren’t quite sure what to expect. It could’ve been anything- perhaps an animal, at worse human remains, but what they discovered was plastic. Turns out they didn’t have a crime scene on their hands after all, the remains were simply a Halloween prop. Just to be on the safe side, the Boulder Fire Rescue ended up fishing the plastic skeleton out.
Cops from Broward Sheriff’s Office have arrested their very own deputy who shoplifted from a local Walmart in full uniform. Deputy Henry Guzman, a 13-year veteran of the department had stolen DVDs and “Star Wars” action figures from the store totaling up to $200. Investigators say he did this over the course of three days all while he was still wearing his uniform. Before being taken into custody Guzman had reported to Broward Sheriff’s Office’s internal affairs. He’s charged with three misdemeanor counts of petty theft and has since been bonded out of jail. Guzman has also been suspended with pay and is expected to be suspended without pay when the State Attorney’s office officially files charges.
A junior firefighter in Pennsylvania has confessed to intentionally setting a vacant duplex on fire so he could respond to a call. Authorities say Patrick Gillis, a senior at Highlands High School and junior firefighter at Highlands Hose Company had been spotted by a witness shortly before the fire started at the duplex. He looked nervous and was fidgeting, but then left. The witness says the same man seen at the home before the fire had been among the firefighters at the scene. Gillis told authorities he had moved out of the duplex, but was meeting a someone there that afternoon. He says that person never showed and he left after about five minutes. He then got the call to respond to the fire. After being taken in for further questioning he admitted to purposely setting the fire so he could respond to the call. He’s been charged with arson, causing a catastrophe, and intentionally destroying an unoccupied structure. He’s held in jail in lieu of $25,000 bond. He has a preliminary hearing set for May 30th.

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