Offbeat News for Monday, May 7th

One of RuPaul’s drag queens is about to sashay-away into a country music career. Trixie Mattel is breaking barriers as she launches a career in country music.  And while being a country artist is something she always dreamed of she didn’t think it’d look quite like this.
“I’ve always hoped and dreamed that I would get to play venues like this,” Mattel says. “However, when I was 14 years old, sitting at a tree barefoot, learning to play Johnny Cash music, I did not picture myself doing this in drag.”
As part of Trixie’s act, she dresses up as a Dolly Parton Barbie while singing songs about big dreams and heartache. She notes if it weren’t for the drag she may not have been able to make her dreams come true. “Honestly, it’s the drag that probably made any of this possible,” says offers. “I’m a strong musician, but I’m a boring-looking white guy … So being able to look cool really opens a lot of doors.”
A lottery player in Maryland scored the jackpot when he copied the numbers off a different lottery game. The man says he’s visited the Seabrook BP store with the intention of playing 10 games of Reacetrax with his own numbers. However, he spotted a group of numbers on a Keno monitor that he used instead. “I had a set of numbers that I wanted to play when I walked in,” the man says. “The first thing I saw, though, was their Keno monitor with the numbers 8, 9, 10 and 11 on it. They just spoke to me.” Turns out, those numbers were lucky and he won the $224,529 jackpot.
A naked Donald Trump statue was set to hit the auction block and now he finally has a new owner. Zak Bagans, star of “Ghost Adventures” and owner of Haunted Museum trumped everyone else’s bid for the statue. He paid $28-thousand for it, which was $8-thousand more than the asking price. Why? Zak feels its going to be worth way more in the future. Until he’s ready to resell, the statue will remain at his Haunted Museum in Las Vegas.
A dog owner in Buckinghampshire, England is now warning all pet owners to beware of delivery drivers after his miniature schnauzer was stolen by one! Richard Guttfield says that his 11-month-old Wilma had gone missing around the time he’d received an Amazon package by a delivery driver. Richard went crazy looking for Wilma and decided to give the delivery company a ring. Turns out the delivery driver did in fact take the pooch. After five days of searching, Wilma has made a safe return home, but now Richard wants others to be on guard. “Our homes are all exposed to these drivers and the vast majority are great. But low lifes will take advantage,” he says. No word if charges were pressed, but Amazon has called the incident “inexcusable” and notes that the driver is no longer working for them.
A New Jersey high school has identified the person pooping on school grounds as its own superintendent. Coaches and staff at Holmdel High School had been noticing human feces on the football field and track “on a daily basis.” As part of the investigation, the school set up surveillance camera which caught superintendent Thomas Tramaglini marking his territory while on his morning runs. Thomas had been running at 5:50am when police arrested him. He’s charged with lewdness and littering and is due in court Monday to answer to his charges. Thomas is currently on paid leave of absence from the district.

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