Offbeat News for Friday, May 4th

You know the saying, “when ya gotta go, ya gotta go.” Turns out, that’s not the case if you’re an Alaskan wood frog – then you hold it in until winter is over. A new study shows that the frogs go around eight months without peeing and surprisingly, its actually what keeps them alive during the winter.
The wood frogs freeze over completely during the winter. “Their eyes are white. Their skin is frosty. They’re like little rocks. They’re frozen,” says Jon Costanzo, the study’s co-author. Some frogs get as cold as zero degrees in the winter, but thanks to a bacteria in the frog’s gut the critters are able to stay alive. The bacteria recycles urea, which is the main waste in pee, and uses it to protect the frogs’ cells and tissues – kind of like antifreeze.
You can now make like Buzz Lightyear and head out to infinity and beyond on the new “Toy Story” themed airplane. The craft is operated by China Eastern Airlines and has already taken its first flight over the weekend from Shanghai to Beijing. The new plane is in collaboration with China Eastern Airlines and the Shanghai Disney Resort.
The plane’s exterior is fitted with a giant image of Buzz Lightyear soaring through the sky. The colorful interior allows passengers to sit with some of their favorite characters from “Toy Story” including Woody, Jessie and Mr. Potato Head. Themed headphones, food and drink are also available in flight. This isn’t the first Disney aircraft of its kind. China Eastern Airlines has two other aircraft adorned with Mickey and Minnie Mouse.
So far, the “Toy Story” plane only travels between Beijing and Shanghai – where the Shanghai Disney Resort also features a “Toy Story” hotel. The airline hopes to expand service to other cities in the future.
Philly’s annual Naked Bike Ride is about to get a lot more interesting when it debuts Philly Bodypainting Day for its 10thanniversary. Nude riders can gear up for their ride with helmets, knee pads and have their body painted. Philly Bodypainting Day is all part of an effort to promote body positivity through the nonprofit organization Human Connection Arts. Painting will be provided by Bodypaint.Me. Philly’s Naked Bike Ride advocates for bike safety and protests dependence on fossil fuels all while promoting a positive body image. Nearly 3,000 naked cyclists are expected to attend.
Police have been able to nab a shoplifting suspect using a piece of Play-Doh. Police had responded to a call at a Massachusetts Walmart on December 11th when employees found their anti-theft devices covered in Play-Doh. This had been an attempt by the suspect to neutralize the devices. And while the suspect managed to get away, his finger prints were left behind in the Play-Doh. Police have since arrested Dennis Jackson and charged him with unlawful removal of an anti-theft device. Not surprisingly, cops say Jackson has a long criminal history with warrants in two other states.
A man in Vermont has been arrested for shooting the smoke detector in his apartment. Police say Leroy Mason shot twice at his smoke detector to silence it, but bullets ended up hitting his neighbors adjoining wall. Mason has reportedly complained to fire marshals that his smoke detector is faulty, but they wouldn’t relocate it so he “took it upon himself to relocate the smoke detector, and shot it with the shotgun.” Authorities went to disarm Mason of his shotgun, but he pointed another handgun at them demanding it back. They were eventually able to disarm Mason who was then arrested. He’s since pleaded not guilty and has been released from jail. No injuries were reported.
Last year, Markiko Sonnie Lewis of Cleveland was sentenced to 30 months in prison for robbing a local Key Bank. Now, just one day after his release, Lewis allegedly robbed the same bank he was originally in the slammer for. This time he’d taken $1,000. He’s been arrested and jailed again.

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