Offbeat News: A Baby Born at the Fair, Stupid Criminals & More

“In Love in an Elevator”

A Rhode Island bride was on her way down to her wedding reception when she became trapped in an elevator. Melissa Rodger and two wedding planners were riding the Providence Biltmore elevator before it stopped four feet above the landing causing her to miss cocktail hour.

“I was hoping that it would just take a minute,” Melissa says. “Five minutes went by and I thought: ‘OK, something might be wrong.'” Her new huband, Justin Rodger caught wind of the situation from a bridesmaid just a few moments later. “One of her bridesmaids came up to me and whispered in my ear: ‘we have a situation that’s going on,'” Justin recalls. “‘Don’t be alarmed, but Melissa is stuck in the elevator.'”

A technician was able to get the elevator going after about 45 minutes. The couple says the rest of the reception went well even though it started 20 minutes late.

“Fairly Close to Due Date”

Kesha Martin and her family were hanging out at the Florida State Fair when all the sudden, her water broke. Martin suddenly had no choice and had the baby right there, but the best part is that the fair had a little gift for her and her newborn.

“I was just like, oh my gosh, I’m going to have my baby at the fair,” Martin says. “That’s the only thing that was coming through my head. I just wanted her to be healthy.” She ended up giving birth on the main fairway near the event, but Hillsborough County deputies were able to help her husband Lavaron Robinson deliver baby Lyric successfully.

What’s more is that when her family returned to the fair on Valentine’s Day, they were given a gift basket and tickets for life by the fair’s Executive Director Cheryl Flood. Deputies Robert Ramirez and Henry Echenique, who helped deliver Lyric, were also there to present them the gift.

“Scouts Honor”

An 11-year-old Pennsylvania Boy Scout was called for jury duty. Jeanette Fox says her son, Luke came to her with the summons that ordered him to appear in court for jury duty in March. She tried requesting exemption online, but there was no option for those too young to serve. After multiple phone calls she was able to find out that the county changed companies that create the list of people who receive a summons. The error was fixed, but Luke was actually excited to go after touring the courthouse with his Scouts last year.


  • Jason Scott Dillard was arrested three times in eight days all on heroin trafficking charges. Dillard was originally arrested February 8th after a two-year investigation. At that time 17 grams of heroin were seized among prescription pills and $6,000 cash. The investigation found he was receiving and distributing at least 100 grams of heroin per week. He was placed under $100,000 secured bond. A few days later he was arrested again, this time 25 grams of heroin was seized. After a third search, deputies found eight grams of heroin and his bond is now set at $2-million.
  • A 17-year-old girl from Tennessee is being held responsible for her father’s carjacking. Police say Susan Mize orchestrated the robbery where two male suspects carjacked her and her father in their red Nissan at an intersection. The males held them at gunpoint and ordered them to drive home for more money. Her father was able to run inside the home, lock the door and call 911. Susan was eventually released, but the suspects took off with the car, which was later found by law enforcement. One of the men was captured by police and taken to Montgomery County Juvenile Detention Center and Susan was taken to Mongtomery County Jail, held on $75,000 bond facing aggravated robbery charges.
  • A Florida man has been jailed for attacking a gas station clerk with hot dogs and a corn dog stick after the clerk refused to sell him beer. It’s unclear why the clerk wasn’t selling to Cavan McDaniel, but the victim was left with a red mark under her eye from the corn dog stick attack. McDaniel is now charged with battery-touch or strike and has violated probation. He is being held in jail on no bond.

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