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As the 2018 Winter Olympics commence in Pyeongchang, leaders from around the world, including Vice President Mike Pence and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe gathered at the opening ceremony. President Donald Trump and Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un weren’t among the attendees… or were they? Not exactly.

Turns out, they were impersonating diminutive dictator Jong-un and President Trump at the opening ceremony. Trump’s impersonator even donned an extra long tie and USA cap, but it was their taking of many selfies and causing a ruckus that got them kicked out.

The names of the impersonators have yet to be revealed.

“American and Americaner”

Team USA’s Olympic uniform is cause for talk after folks on the Internet noticed something familiar about the gloves. It appears the gloves look strikingly similar to the gloves worn by Jim Carrey’s character Lloyd Christmas in “Dumb and Dumber.” Tons of people have turned the gloves into a meme after the 2018 Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony.

The uniforms were designed by Polo Ralph Lauren and feature modern details and updated fabric. They even include battery-powered heaters.

“Now Accepting Bitcoin”

Arizona legislators have proposed a bill to accept Bitcoin as currency for tax payments. If the bill passes, Arizona would become the first state in the country to accept digital currency payments. The bill would allow income taxes to be paid in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency approved by the Arizona Department of Revenue starting in 2020.

The bill has already passed the senate and has moved to the house for consideration. Of course there are concerns about the proposal. For one the value of the Bitcoin has fluctuated over the last few months, which would make it difficult to convert to U.S. dollars.

Senator Warren Peterson, who is sponsoring the bill claims this bill was needed to give tax payers options. He says, “This is all about ease and convenience. Here in government we are here to serve the people.”

“Continent Vs. Country”

An online professor has been replaced after incorrectly telling a student Australia isn’t a country and giving her a failing grade. Her assignment was to compare American social norms to that of another country. She chose Australia, but the professor gave her a zero, saying Australia is a continent, not a country. It’s actually both. Southern New Hampshire University says it deeply regrets the interaction between the professor and student and also wished athletes from Australia good luck in the Olympic games.


  • An NYPD cop is in hot water after sending texts to his buddy about drinking on the job. Turns out his buddy’s phone was wiretapped. Detective Ted Holoway was in the middle of a buy and bust operation. While texting his friend Paul Barone, the two joked about drinking on the job and Holoway even offered up a PBA card to Barone. Holoway divulged the suspects name and charged with improperly using his cell phone while on duty. He’s been demoted to police officer.
  • Canadian officers have ticketed a man for speeding and crossing in the high-occupancy vehicle lanes without signaling. Upon pulling the van driver over, they discovered yet another violation. The man was using a mannequin, seated in his passenger seat, as a means to use the high-occupancy vehicle lane. The mannequin was dressed in a wig, sunglasses and sweatshirt. Police say, “The driver of the vehicle was issued several tickets for the alleged offenses and the passenger, who did not protest was given a ride to her new home… in a police car.”

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