Offbeat News: Snowball Vending Machines, Stupid Criminals & More

“Took the Money & Ran”

Denise Robertson is accusing her former live-in boyfriend of taking off after he won the lotto… and she’s taking him to court for her cut. Robertson claims Maurice Thibeault owes her for half of his $6.1-million jackpot, plus she wants a half-mill in punitive damages.

Thibeault lived with Robertson and her teenage daughter from July 2015 to September 2017 and according to court papers, she says they “always agreed that if they had a winning ticket, the proceeds would be theirs, together as a couple.” Robertson’s lawyer Steven Pickard notes, “It’s a question of morality.”

Not for Thibeault. He says there was no such arrangement, and that he’d been planning to leave Robertson for months – that winning the lottery was his perfect opportunity to split. Either way, Robertson wants what she thinks is her cut, accrued interest and the punitive damages. Until the case is decided by the court, Thibeault half the jackpot – with the other half to be paid pending the final decision.

“One Big Brassiere”

The world’s biggest bra is now listed on eBay, but don’t expect to actually wear it. The size 1360B hot pink bra weighs nearly 200-pounds and made of roughly 885 feet of material.

The bra was created in 2011 to help raise awareness for Wear It Pink Day, a fundraising day for the UK charity, Breast Cancer Now. The bra has previously been modeled by buildings.

Bidding starts at just over $600 and if you win, you’ll also receive the Guinness World Record certificate confirming its size. The bra is sold by events company, which will donate the money to Breast Cancer Care.

“Snowball Fight Club”

Up for a snowball fight? For just one dollar you can pick up a snowball at a Minnesota vending machine. The balls are packed with real Minnesota snow. Digital add agency space150 created the machine that sells individually packed snowballs to the city of Minneapolis.


  • When cops in Pennsylvania responded to a call for a domestic disturbance, they may have had a lot of thoughts about what they’d encounter. Though we’re betting they didn’t guess they’d find a dude covered in cooking oil and tripping on LSD. Officials say that Lonnie Beatty II was assaulting his family and destroying their trailer. When officers arrived, Beatty allegedly made a mad dash out of the trailer and ran naked through the snow. They gave chase, even tasing him at one point, but he got away. He was eventually caught anyway and charged with 24 misdemeanors. Most were dropped by the family, but he still faces charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. He’s since been was freed on $10,000 bail.
  • Police in Anchorage, Alaska say an unnamed man robbed a Taco Bell and then attempted to avoid being identified… by burying his coat in the snow. He didn’t totally think things through, however – as cops were able to track him by following foot-prints in the snow to find the very cold suspect. How’d they know they had their man: he was out in the snow without a coat. The suspect was arrested and faces robbery charges.

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