Offbeat News: A Missing Vacation Home, Stupid Criminals, & More

A Houston couple is reporting their vacation home missing. Jo and Lonnie Harrison say their one-bedroom cabin is missing from the property they own in Madisonville. It’s being reported that they’re likely victims of alleged financial issues of the prior owner.

The prefabricated home was on property they purchased last year. The couple reportedly hadn’t checked on the property since November. When Lonnie recently returned, the house was gone with just pipes and blocks remaining.

Sgt. Larry Shiver says the couple is most likely victims of misrepresentation of the property when they bought it. Investigators are seeking the previous owner amid concerns the structure was repossessed and not stolen.

Aldi customer Pat Bateman was shocked to find half a frozen rat in a package of frozen vegetables bought from the store. What’s more awful is she had already ate more than half the bag and even fed some to her two-year-old granddaughter. Bateman complained to the store, which offered her around $40 for the incident. She was not happy enough and took her complaints to corporate, which offered nearly $700, but she still felt entitled to more. An investigation is reportedly under way and Aldi has removed the product from sale.

Doritos has revealed plans for a new “lady-friendly” version for the chip. It will be much quieter to eat and a lot less messy. The global chief executive, Indra Nooyi says that, “women would love to crunch loudly and lick their fingers… but prefer not to do this in public.” The packaging for the chip will even be small enough to fit in women’s hand bags. Of course this received tons of backlash from women’s groups who consider the move as a “tired stereotype.”


  • LAPD officers arrest a driver after finding burritos in his car with one unusual ingredient… meth. According to Fox, to the untrained eye, the foil packages look a lot like burritos, but take a closer look and its definitely drugs. Police found them during a routine traffic stop and also confiscated a gun and a huge sum of money. The driver was arrested on suspicion of transportation of narcotics.
  • A number of incidents heard on Philly police scanners after the Super Bowl have been released and some are downright ridiculous. Dozens of calls poured in citing masses of people climbing buildings and poles, flipping cars, and throwing bottles chanting “Meek Mill.” One man even landed in custody claiming to be an off-duty cop and another was caught jumping on top of a fire truck. One person even flew his drone over head to capture the crazy footage.
  • Joshua Walker was taken into custody after reportedly stealing his mother’s car and breaking into her family business. Somehow, the man evaded deputies for several hours and when found, he only had on the handcuffs and pink boxers.

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