Offbeat News: Fallin’ Walnuts, A Russian Superbaby, & More


A Frankfurt judge has made an unusual ruling after a woman sued her neighbor for close to $5,000 in damages to her car from fallen walnuts. According to the woman, walnuts and branches from the tree fell onto her vehicle due to strong winds in October 2013 “causing dents to the body, hood and roof.”

She then sued her neighbor to cover the cost of repairs. The defendant argued that the branches of the walnut tree extended into the woman’s property and he regularly cut back the branches.

The judge made probably the best court ruling to date, by stating walnut trees must shed their nuts as the autumnal occurrence is a “fact of nature” and must be tolerated. The woman also has to pay the cost of the court case.

A Russian mom must be in a lot of pain after delivering a nearly 14 pound baby. The mom of now five, reportedly delivered the super-size tot without any painkillers. The baby came out at 13 pounds, 14 ounce which is basically twice the size of an average baby.

According to the medical team the baby already has problems with hearing and other problems may occur in the future. The craziest thing is that this isn’t even the heaviest newborn. According to Guinness World Records, the heaviest newborn was delivered by Italian Carmelina Fedele in 1955 and weighed in at 22 pounds.

UK homeowner Carl Betson is certainly adding some curb appeal to his home with new decking, but what he hides underneath may shock future owners. Betson purchased a fake skeleton and placed it underneath the decking in hopes to creep out the next owners!

“This is going to be sooooo funny in around 30 years time when the next guy replaces the decking,” Betson jokes. He posted about his prank on Facebook where some of his friends wished they’d thought of it themselves and others not so much. One bubble burster thinks it will be “hilarious” when the taxpayers money is wasted on a forensic investigation.

Good news is the prank only cost Betson around $2.50. Bad news is that he’ll never see the joke to fruition. No bones about it, this prank would be legendary if he can pull it off! Though he may not know until his own after-life.

The Flat Earth International Conference took place in North Carolina recently and they’re “proving” that NASA is a fraud and all world governments are lying to us. One conference speaker, Rob Skiba believes that “the bigger picture many have come to believe is hiding god.”


German police say two truck trailers with 44 tons of chocolate were stolen and that they’re stumped as to who did it. While one was recovered with the load intact, the other was found near the French border France with two thirds of the loot missing. And get this – it’s reported the chocolate was worth nearly a half million dollars. The investigation continues.

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