Offbeat News: Bats, Asteroids, & Stupid Criminals


There’s no longer any excuses to not hit the gym because this 105-year-old man will put you to shame. Jack Reynolds is currently the world’s oldest person to ride a rollercoaster, has flown a vintage plane and scaled three skyscrapers – all SINCE he turned 100. How does he do it? Loving family, sure…but he also drinks whiskey. Every day.

His youngest daughter, Jane Goodwin, says he puts whiskey in his tea every morning and two shots of Grouse (another brand of whiskey) in a glass with lemonade at night “and swears by it.” Not surprisingly, he even suggests whiskey as the best medicine for a cold!

Reynolds who was born in 1912, the same year the Titanic sank, also holds the record for oldest person to do the Ice Bucket Challenge at 102-years-old. He apparently wasn’t even phased. And he says that’s all that whiskey keeping him warm.

Villagers in India were sadly mistaken when they started collecting pieces of what they thought was an asteroid…or something else extraterrestrial after it fell from the sky. Hopeful villagers even preserved pieces of the then unidentified object in their refrigerators.

Turns out, the mysterious formation turned out to be now-frozen poop that came from an airplane flying overhead. This is a pretty rare occasion as most airplane toilets are meant to be emptied after landing, but some “remnants” may end up in the overflow outlet and turn icy when the craft cruises to high altitudes.

The guess is that some broke off…and now, a bunch of people have some serious housecleaning to do.

In strange things to see at Walmart, bats are now taking up residency at the store in Alvin, Texas. And here’s where it gets really icky: the bats that were spotted flying around two weeks ago, have apparently multiplied.

Fortunately, they mainly hang out in the ceilings and rafters of the store away from customers. STILL! The good news for the public?

Management has called in a wildlife organization to help capture the critters. Several have been caught and released – and the area in which they’ve been entering has been sealed off.

Aussie trick-shot team How Ridiculous has broken their own personal Guinness World Record for greatest height from which a basketball is dropped. They traveled to Maletsunyane Falls in Lesotho to drop a basketball into a hoop 660-feet and ten inches below them! They were successful and broke their previous record of 593-feet from the Mauvoisin Dam in Switzerland.


  • During an argument with his girlfriend, Juwan Brown allegedly threw a piece of fried chicken at the woman, striking her face. But that’s not all – Brown upped the ante when he stepped on her foot. All that scored him a domestic violence charge – against his girl…though tossing good fried chicken is pretty criminal, too. He was booked into county jail, but later freed on a $5,000 bond.
  • A Tesla on auto pilot is not a get out of jail free card when you’re driving drunk. That’s what one California man found out after he reportedly fell asleep behind the wheel after a few too many cocktails. He failed to pass a sobriety test when police found him in his stalled vehicle on the Bay Bridge. His defense? His fancy Tesla was on auto pilot. According to officers, auto pilot doesn’t cut it as the Tesla requires human response at some point or it eventually stalls, which is what apparently happened in his case. He’s been arrested and charged on suspicion of DUI.
  • In an ironic twist, a North Carolina man who previously won a donut eating contest has been arrested after stealing from a Dunkin Donuts. Bradley Harrison is charged with felonies including breaking and entering and larceny. It was not clear if he helped himself to some donuts. But hey… wouldn’t you?

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