Offbeat News: Turkey Terror, Stupid Criminals & more

“Man’s Best Friend”

Think you and your dog are best friends? Well Tom Turcich and his pooch Savannah are also travel companions. Tom, who’s from New Jersey, was inspired to walk across all seven continents after a close friend died. While in Texas, he adopted Savannah.

“After spending nearly every minute of every day with her, she’s definitely my best bud,” Tom says. “She walks every mile with me and always has energy left over at the end of the day.”

Unfortunately, after more than 700 days on the road, Tom was sidelined by a bacterial infection. He’s now on antibiotics and has no plans to stop his “World Walk,” he’s just postponing it.

“The World Walk is still all I think about,” he wrote on Instagram. “It took me eight years from the idea’s conception to taking the journey’s first steps. So a few month illness is nothing more than a painful, unwanted detour.”

“Lost at Sea”

An English boy has been reunited with the sea-swept camera he lost four-months-ago on the North Sea. William Etherton lost his video camera while filming in Thornwick Bay on England’s east coast. It was carried off by a wave on September 1st and drifted for two months.

German resident Roland Spreer spotted the camera on Nov. 2 after it washed up on a small island off Germany’s western coast. Thanks to its waterproof casing, it still worked.

Spreer’s son posted footage from the day it washed away, in hopes of finding the camera’s original owner. Reports of the video attracted so much attention, Etherton’s father eventually found the post and the boy was finally handed back his well-traveled camera on Saturday.

“Terrorized by Turkeys”

A workplace hazard for mail carriers in Rocky River, Ohio? Wild turkeys. About 25 to 30 homes in one part of town haven’t been getting their mail delivered because of the birds…for three weeks.

“There’s a lot of bird feeders over there, so there’s a food source in that area,” Rocky River Mayor Pam Bobst explains. “It is an issue, so we’ve asked residents to cease putting out bird seed and bird food so we can see if they will go [elsewhere.]”

Some carriers have been pecked, but have not been hurt. Regardless, the unsafe conditions caused by the birds has forced some residents to go to the post office to get their mail.


  • A cat jumped into a woman’s car and started attacking her. Not bad enough? While she was trying to escape, she was run over by her own car.
  • Want to look younger but don’t want to go under the knife? You’re in luck. According to researchers at Northwestern University, doing “face yoga” can make you look three years younger in just five months.
  • The best thing 75-year-old retiree George Ganat did was get a part-time job. That’s where he bought a lotto ticket on a whim and became $20-thousand richer.


“Stopped by Snow”

Mother Nature stopped Dustin Johnson from stealing thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from the Minot, North Dakota Hobby Lobby. The 22-year-old filled up a shopping cart with about $4,000 in products before walking out of the store. Unfortunately for him, his cart got stuck in the snow in the parking lot and tipped over. Johnson fled, but he left his wallet in the cart, which contained identification with his address. He is now facing a theft charge.

“Life of the Party”

If you want to meet the life of the party, head to Miramar Beach, Florida. An unidentified woman was arrested after she not only stole drinks from the Baytowne Wharf bar, but also refused to leave the bar’s stage. The staff asked her multiple times to leave, but instead she stopped her singing and dancing and simply sat and refused to leave. In the end, she was escorted out of the bar and charged with trespassing.

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