Offbeat News: A Lucky Lotto Ticket, A New Year’s Nuisance


“Winging It”

Being stuck on the tarmac after your flight lands is annoying. A passenger sick of dealing with the delays took matters into his own hands and disembarked… by way of the emergency exit.

The 57-year-old man had flown from London to Malaga, Spain. The trip started with an hour-long delay and when they landed in Malaga, passengers were stuck on the tarmac for another half hour. That’s when the unnamed antsy passenger reportedly told a fellow flyer “I’m going via the wing.”

Security caught up with the man while he was hanging out on the wing and eventually convinced him to re-board the plane where he was held until authorities arrested him.

“An Itch to Scratch”

Not only is James Perry lucky, he also got a satisfying apology from his wife after she tried to convince him to stop buying scratch-off tickets. It’s understandable why Linda Perry thought he should give it up, considering James won $262-thousand from a Show Me Cash scratch-off ticket in July 2016.

She’d have to eat crow and apologize though, because James has won yet another jackpot. This time, the Chillicothe, Missouri man landed a $25-thousand a year for life prize off a different scratch-off.

James is now planning on retiring.


“Price Tag Panic”

Most likely, the person who stole the bottle of Russo-Baltique vodka from the Cafe 33 bar in Copenhagen, Denmark knew what they were doing. According to the bar, the bottle is the most expensive in the world, valued at $1.3-million. While the price tag means a potential windfall, it also means plenty of people want the bottle back, including the Russian businessman who loaned the booze to Cafe 33. It’s unclear if the police have any leads.

“Salty After Stella”

Anthony Anderson has clearly never heard of moderation. The 43-year-old from the UK claims he got into a fight after sticking up for a friend. At one point a security guard got involved… and Anderson bit him on the leg. Probably not surprisingly… Anderson admitted to having a few beers. More specifically, he knocked back 20 pints of Stella. In the end, Anderson was sentenced to an eight-week prison sentence, community service, and fines.

“New Year’s Napper”

On New Year’s Eve, a man in Copenhagen, Denmark got in a taxi and asked to be driven to Oslo, Norway… about a six-hour drive. By the time the passenger arrived, it was New Year’s Day and he had a $22-hundred fare to pay. Instead, the unidentified man disappeared into his apartment. The driver understandably called police, who responded to the residence and found the passenger asleep. They woke him up and forced him to pay up. The driver’s 2018 started off with yet another annoyance: he required assistance after his battery died while waiting outside the customer’s home.

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