‘Offbeat News’ for December 13th


Claudell Curr and his wife Odell Marie Curry were watching TV in their San Bernardino, California living room when they felt their whole house shake. After some investigating, they discovered a hunk of ice the size of a bowling ball ripped through the roof in their bedroom.

According to Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Ian Gregor, it’s likely the ice came from a passing plane. Fortunately, 82-year-old Claudell and 83-year-old Odell weren’t injured, but they’re still shaken by the incident.

“We shiver every time we think we could have been in bed,” Claudell says. “The wife is still nervous, but we are doing okay. It was quite a traumatic experience.”

There’s a monkey on the lamb in Japan. Over the past week, there have been more than two dozen sightings of the animal around Tokyo and authorities believe it’s the same primate.

The furry guy, who is estimated to be 28-inches long, is smart, too. The monkey was chased by a group of 20 people with nets, but it managed to escape.

For one tribe in India, kissing in public is frowned upon…accept during the “longest kiss” contest. This year, around 20 couples competed in the event held at the Sidho-Kanho fair.

The winners smooched for three hours and walked away with the grand prize: a goat.


  • Mark Stetter appreciates a good discount. So much so, he’s willing to break the law. The 48-year-old from Buffalo, New York claimed to be a detective to try and get some money off his Starbucks order. To really sell it, Stetter flashed a fake badge and a gun inside of a holster attached to his belt. He then went another coffee shop after it had closed, and again displayed a fake badge in an attempt to get in. It didn’t work and at some point the actual cops were alerted. Stetter is now facing an impersonating a police officer charge.
  • A 23-year-old man claims he was walking down the street with a bag of fast food in Hamden, Connecticut when he was approached by a man who flashed a gun, then grabbed his “bag of cheeseburgers” and ran. The perp didn’t take anything else, it seems. Local authorities are investigating.
  • Kayla Marie Smith thought there was an intruder at the door of her Spring Grove, Florida home. The 30-year-old decided to handle the situation and shoot at him. The problem? Not only was there no intruder, but Smith was impaired at the time she shot the gun. Smith is now locked up on charges of discharging of a firearm inside an occupied structure and recklessly endangering another person.

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