‘Offbeat News’ for December 12th


Imagine going to relax in front of the TV and finding a snake, but not just any snake. A man in Cooroy, Australia stumbled upon an eight-foot-long python relaxing on his couch.

Snake Catcher Luke Huntley responded to the scene and says the serpent was the largest he’s ever caught indoors. He also admits to getting a few laughs about how the snake seemed to be lounging around.

Huntley’s tip for keeping snakes out of your house? Keep your windows and doors closed.

Alwine, Germany now has a new owner. The town, which has a population of 20, was put up for auction. It wasn’t exactly a bidding war, though. Only one person was willing to cough up any money and ended up snagging Alwine for $164-thousand-900.

It’s unclear at this point what the anonymous buyer is planning on doing with his or her latest purchase or what Alwine’s current residents, who are mostly retirees, think about it.

A very lucky lady lives in Maryland. The unidentified 54-year-old bought a lotto scratch-off card that ended up being worth $2-million. This isn’t her first time at the rodeo, though. A few years ago, this same woman won $100-thousand on another scratch-off.

This time around, the winner kept the exciting news to herself, going to work and not telling anyone until she got home.

She decided to receive her jackpot in annuity, which comes to about $66-thousand a year for the next 20 years.


  • If you’re going to travel with more than 10 pounds of methamphetamine, make sure you follow all other traffic laws. In case you missed it, police in Pratt County, Kansas pulled a car over for a routine traffic stop. After finding probable cause for a search of the car, they hit the narcotics jackpot with the massive meth haul. All in all, the drugs are worth about $404,000 on the street.
  • Jamie Esposito subscribes to the go big or go home method. The 32-year-old is being charged with stealing 144 bottles of nail polish from Bayonne, New Jersey CVS, worth around $14-hundred. She was pegged for the crime after getting caught stealing from a nearby Rite Aid. That time, Esposito was found in possession of $64 worth of formula. Authorities also discovered drugs on her. It’s unclear what exactly Esposito ended up being charged with.
  • A 16-year-old babysitter figured if he had to watch a 10-year-old, he might as well put him to work…as his accomplice. Police in Rochester got a call about a child dragging a suitcase along the street. When cops arrived, they found the suitcase was filled with goods from a recent burglary, which they tied to the teenage babysitter. Oh, and for what it’s worth, the babysitter gave cops a fake name and age. They figured it out, though, and charged the unidentified minor with burglary, two counts of grand larceny, criminal mischief, endangering the welfare of a child and criminal impersonation. The unknowing accomplice was released to his parents.

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