‘Offbeat News’ for 12-5-17

John Dardis had planned a romantic weekend away with his girlfriend Suzannah Newham  in Cornwall, England. What’s more, he was going to propose as they walked along the cliffs. When he went to kneel down, however, he slipped on wet ground and broke his ankle.
The coastguard had to be called to come rescue John, but he was of sane mind enough to realize even with a broken ankle, the cliff was more romantic than a hospital room.
As the Newquay Coastguard put it, John literally fell for her. The feeling is mutual- Suzannah said yes. “It was an unfortunate accident but John was very stoic,” Regie Butler, Newquay Coastguard rescue officer, adds. “The best man’s got the best speech to give now.”
Researchers at the Chinese Culture University in Taipei, Taiwan noticed a rainbow in the sky. They claim it stuck around for nine hours and they were so excited, they took pictures of it from every angle. They’re going to need those photos if they want the record for the longest rainbow on record, though.
As of now, the record holder is a rainbow that lasted six hours in Yorkshire, England back in 1994. So far, the people at Guinness haven’t confirmed that Taiwan now has the title, but according to the researchers, it’s only a matter of time. Just three days earlier, climate observers at the Chinese Culture University claimed there was another rainbow that lasted some six hours.
Authorities in Sea Girt, New Jersey couldn’t figure out who was responsible for tearing the wires of the town’s Christmas tree and display. After keeping an eye on the scene, cops discovered it wasn’t human hands or teeth that nearly ruined Christmas, but a squirrel’s. The animal was “charged” with criminal mischief and released on bail. Fortunately, workers were able to repair the cords in time to light the tree.
Sabra Bewley is a mess. Police got a call about the 27-year-old, who was driving the wrong way on the highway in Sparks, Nevada. When they arrived on the scene, they discovered Bewley and her car 20-yards up a hill nearby the road.
The full-grown woman was acting erratically and dancing on top of her SUV before attempting to get away on a kid’s scooter.
All in all Bewley is facing a drunk driving charge along with drug charges and resisting arrest.

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