Gregg Allman’s Unreleased Album Is ‘Big, Special’ According to Manager

Greg Allman passed away on May 27th at the age of 69. Though Allman left the music world, he did leave behind one final project. Allman’s upcoming album, Southern Blood, doesn’t have a set release date, but is a masterpiece, according to his manager Michael Lehman.

Though Allman was in poor health for quite some time, he continued his work on the record over the past few years.

Lehman recently told Yahoo!: “It’s composed of a bunch of really cool covers and a couple of original tunes. I can’t say much more – Gregg really wanted to keep tight, and I have to respect his wishes.

“He wanted to surprise his friends and fans. I think it’s a record that everyone’s going to be excited to hear. His vocals are so compelling. Knowing where he was on his life’s journey, it’s just chilling, honestly.

“As we knew his life was coming to a close, we started talking about preserving his legacy. It was my goal to make sure it was a big, special album. It became clear that Gregg wasn’t necessarily going to be able to promote it, even if he was here, and that was something we were prepared for.”

Southern Blood is available for pre-order via Allman’s website.

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