KISS Releasing Triathlon Bike

KISS has always been known for their ability to put the KISS brand on just about everything. The band has added to that ability by partnering up with Sciacallo Bikes.

The bicycle company has teamed up with KISS to release a premium triathlon bicycle, which is decked out with the band’s famous logo.

The bike was designed by a Sciacallo employee, Milan Skrecek, who is a lifelong Kiss fan.

“Growing up in the Prairies in the 70s, 80s and 90s was great times. Long summer nights up at Grand Beach with all of your friends listening to, who else, Kiss.”

Skrecek added, “My best friend Darrell and I were huge Kiss fans and we spent a big part of our lives going to concerts, dressing up at Halloween as our favorite icon – I was always The Star Child – and loving the feeling we got while listening to Kiss. It’s good time rock’n’roll – something to take your mind off things, to relax, to let go.”

If fans or bike enthusiasts aren’t interested in the full bike, the company will also be selling carbon fiber wheelsets, a real wheel featuring images of the band, and a tri-spoke front wheel. All of these include the KISS symbols and logo.


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