Offbeat News for 04-19-17

Judge Teaches Yoga On Courthouse Lawn
Eleni Derke is a yoga instructor who spends her days as a judge in Duval County, Florida. On the last Friday of the month, however, she gets to combine her two jobs as Derke offers a free yoga class on the steps of her courthouse.
Despite being made fun of by some of her coworkers, there are plenty who are grateful for Derke’s expertise. Attorney Jodi Seitlin calls the class “the number one stress reliever, right here, right now.”
“As attorneys, we sit all day,” Giselle Carson, past president of the Jacksonville Bar Association explains. “Attorneys and staff – our jobs are very stressful. It’s hard to get here, but every time we leave, we’re thankful we came.”
Woman Chases Burglar Out Of Her Home
Never underestimate Marie Wandel. The Danish diplomat went to explore a noise in her New York City apartment when she discovered an intruder. After she snatched her valuables back from the unidentified man, he fled empty-handed.
The man had tried to steal a camera and jewelry, worth about $1,000. Wandel isn’t giving us many other details, but says “everything is all right.”
Massive Alligator Climbs Out Of Storm Drain
Imagine walking out of your house and seeing an alligator relaxing in the middle of the street. That’s exactly what happened to the residents of Bucktown, Louisiana.
Following a period of heavy rain, a seven-foot-long alligator was spotted climbing out of a drain behind an elementary school. Fortunately, the students were on spring break and not in school.
Locals managed to wrangle the animal before animal services came and they plan on relocating the gator to the nearby bayou.
Senior citizen says the devil made him proposition a 14-year-old:
Timothy Taffe is a creepy criminal. The 71-year-old Florida man tried to proposition a 14-year-old for sex. He reportedly promised he would give her his BMW and leave her an inheritance if she slept with him. What’s more, he also sent her graphic photos of himself and gave her instructions on getting birth control pills. Not creepy enough for you? Taffe met the underage girl at church. Her family contacted the FBI who intercepted his messages and emails to her. Taffe told a judge “the devil really had control of me.” The judge didn’t buy it.
ICYMI: Police chief writes himself a ticket:
Just because you’re the police chief doesn’t mean you’re above the law. In case you missed it, Sperry, Oklahoma Police Chief Justin Burch was caught speeding by a local resident. He later posted on the department’s Facebook that while he had an excuse, he was holding himself accountable and giving himself a $300 ticket.
Woman beat her boo over ham:
Kareese Raven takes her ham very seriously. The 28-year-old got into a fight with her boo, 52-year-old Greg Serb, over the best way to cook the meat. At one point, Raven got so mad she took a butcher knife and started swinging. By the time Centre County, Pennsylvania police arrived, Serb had multiple cuts on his body including a small chest laceration and a “deep bleeding laceration on his left middle finger.” Oh, and Raven also threw a shoe at Serb. Raven is now facing felony assault, reckless endangerment, harassment, and simple assault charges. No word on the ham.

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