Offbeat News for 04-18-17

First Woman To Run The Boston Marathon Does It Again…50 Years Later
Kathrine Switzer is the first woman to compete in the Boston Marathon back in 1967 and 50-years-later, she did it again.
When Switzer first ran the marathon, she registered as “K.V. Switzer,” hiding her gender. When it became obvious she was a woman, a race official tried to literally push her off the route.
Women weren’t officially allowed to enter the Boston Marathon until 1972, but since her historic run, Switzer has competed in over 30 marathons. Now, 50-years later, 70-year-old Switzer ran in yesterday’s Boston Marathon again. What’s more, she was given the honor of firing the gun for the women’s elite runners and her number, 261, was retired after she crossed the finish line.
“Find My iPhone” App Helps Catch Prolific iPhone Thief
Another day, another crook done in by technology. Multiple festival goers at Coachella this weekend noticed their phones were missing and used the “Find My iPhone” app to try and track them down.
They ended up following Reinaldo De Jesus Henao, the man who reportedly had their phones, until he was detained by security.
After a search, police discovered Henao had more than a hundred stolen phones on him. The 36-year-old is now facing grand theft and possession of stolen property charges. As for the phones, some were returned to their owners while others were put in the lost and found.
Woman Has To Call The Fire Department After Her Hand Gets Stuck In A Toilet
After a string of bad luck with her new house, a woman in Cleveland, Ohio refused to let a toilet clog get the best of her. In the end, it ended up causing her plenty of grief when her hand got stuck inside the john.
She ended up calling for help and emergency services had to come to her house, remove the toilet from her bathroom, bring it outside and break it in order to free her hand. The best part? Someone at the house filmed the situation and the unnamed woman managed to keep laughing.
Viral Subway surfer turns himself in:
If you’re going to break the law, don’t film it. If possible, make sure it doesn’t go viral. That’s exactly what happened to Christopher Guttilla, who really enjoys Subway surfing. A video the 24-year-old posted a video of himself walking on top a train in New York City went viral and caught police’s attention. Guttilla, who has previously been charged with crimes involving subway mischief and graffiti, is now facing reckless endangerment and criminal trespass charges.
Someone stole from Chinese orphans:
Every crime has leaves a victim or victims, but the person who stole an autographed Jerry Rice football picked a particularly vulnerable group of people to steal from: orphans with special needs. Amy Fu spent $3,500 on the ball, which she was planning on bringing back to the orphanage she supports back in China that’s a home for children with special needs. Instead, she briefly left the ball at the check in counter at an upscale restaurant in Milpitas, California while she took a picture. Police are asking for the public’s help in finding the suspects involved in the heist.
ICYMI: Walmart fight turns bloody:
Police in Hesperia, California got a call about a fight in the women’s department of the local Walmart. When they got there, they found an all out brawl. Two shoppers reportedly got into a physical fight and at one point, their respective husbands got involved and started throwing punches. Unfortunately, an 11-year-old got the wind knocked out of her after she got too close to the action.  No word on what the fight was about or whether any of the people involved were arrested.

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