Ann Wilson: Heart Won’t Reunite Without Counseling

According to Ann Wilson, counseling is the only way Heart will reunite. This comes from the falling out between Ann or her sister Nancy Wilson over a family assault drama.

The incident in question, occurred during a Heart performance in Auburn, Washington last August. Ann’s husband, Dean Wetter, was arrested for attacking Nancy’s children after one of them left a tour bus door open, letting out one of the pet dogs.


The last twenty shows were rough on the sisters, causing a major rift, including them using separate dressing rooms for the first time since the 1960’s. Since the tour, The Wilsons have only communicated via text and Ann has launched a solo tour, while Nancy has formed Roadcase Royale.

Ann Wilson told Rolling Stone,  “I wouldn’t say it’s a temporary hiatus, I would say it’s a hiatus. We don’t need that little qualification in there. When I came offstage and Dean told me what happened, the first thing he said was, ‘Go onto Nancy’s bus and clear the way, because I want to apologize.’ I went over, and everyone in the Heart camp was sitting around. They wouldn’t listen. I know him and I know he was really provoked. It was wrong of him to get into it, but he’s a person of extremely high moral fiber. It was just totally unfortunate all round.”

In March of this year, Wetter plead guilty to two non-felony assault charges, which means he won’t face any jail time when he is sentenced later this week (April 14th).

Even though both sister’s have agreed this isn’t a short-term hiatus, Ann does not rule out a reunion in the future. “I do see a positive way forward, and that’s our friendship,” Ann said. “Nancy and I didn’t do this thing. Nobody in this situation is evil. Nancy and I love each other. We want to be friends. My side really hurt her side, her side really hurt my side. We’ve got to let those heal, and get some counseling.”


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