‘Queen in 3-D’ Retrospective Book Hitting Stores This Spring

Fans of Queen can now get a personal look at the history of the band with the release of the book, Queen in 3-D.

The book is scheduled to arrive in store on May 25th and is full of archival stereoscopic photos. It also includes guitarist Brian May’s patented OWL photo viewer, adding another personal touch to the 256-page collection of more than 300 previously unpublished photos.

Promising “a series of glimpses of life with the rock band Queen, seen from the inside for the first time,” the Queen in 3-D press release says the book is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for fans to gain a new perspective on the group’s distinguished history.

“The pictures and self-penned text tell the story of Brian’s discovery of the world of stereoscopy as a boy, and chronicle Queen from the early 1970s all the way to the present day,” it reads. “The images, from Brian’s personal archives, were taken using the various stereo cameras which Brian carried throughout his life. … they leap into stunning three-dimensional realism, giving a uniquely vivid impression of life with Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor, John Deacon and Brian himself, alongside the people who helped to shape Queen’s amazing global adventure.”
For May, the book is a fulfillment of a personal quest to help revive stereoscopic photos with the help of the London Stereoscopic Company, whose online store will be taking orders closer to Queen in 3-D‘s publication.
“A whole new audience can enjoy the magic of immersive 3-D in their own homes, just as our ancestors did in Victorian times,” said May, who’s reportedly working with the company on more books. “We’re restoring and reissuing stereoscopic masterpieces from the 1850s, along with new 3-D wonders of the modern world.”

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