Deep Purple’s Roger Glover: No One Wants To Stop

As Deep Purple prepares to release their new album and head out on tour, bassist Roger Glover talks about the band’s future and how they don’t want to face the end.

Glover told Billboard No one wants to stop but we know that I’m 71 now, Ian Gillan is 71 — we’re all about late 60’s, early 70’s, and bodies have a way of not keeping up with your brain or your career.”

The band’s upcoming album, Infinite, took multiple years to make, and Glover doesn’t see that as an option anymore.  “We’re all sort of approaching that point where I can’t imagine another eight years to do an album.

“The time is approaching when it will end, but we don’t want to face that. We don’t actually want to make a date or a final tour or anything. We just want to carry on as long as nature allows or is kind of dignified.”

He adds: “If we can’t do what we do anymore, then yes, it’s time to stop. But we’re still doing it, and we’re still enjoying it very much. So all we’re saying is the door is closing, but it’s not closed yet.”

Deep Purple will be heading out on The Long Goodbye tour later this year.

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