Ottumwa City Council Approves Gas, Electric Franchise Fees

By Sam Parsons

The Ottumwa City Council met last night and revisited the discussion of franchise fees that they had tabled during a meeting in July, specifically for gas and electric utilities. City Administrator Philip Rath once again presented the proposed ordinance and cited difficult financial strains on the city, saying that this is the result of the city having exhausted all of its other options for raising revenue.

Most of the council was in agreement with the city administrator, with councilmember Mark Roe suggesting that prior leadership had “kicked the can down the road” up to this point.

Ultimately, councilmember Doug McAntire was the lone vote against the first consideration of the institution of gas and electric franchise fees, citing a desire for the city to overhaul its budgeting process. The city of Ottumwa will hold its next regular council meeting on October 4.

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