‘Offbeat News’ for December 11th


A snow ball fight attempting to break a world record was cancelled at nationwide Six Flags theme parks…because of snow. The event, which was all set be held at nine parks across the country, promised thrills, chills, and the “World’s Largest Snowball Fight.”

Instead, Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey announced the event was cancelled due to snow. “Your safety is our top priority!” the statement adds. “Check back for updates on tomorrow’s operating schedule before heading to the park.”

It’s unclear if Six Flags is planning on re-staging the event.

Walter Bazemore is not a regular lotto player. In fact, he’s never bought himself a ticket. His sister, however, had $3 in change after picking up sour cream for Walter’s birthday party and decided to buy him up a scratch-off card.

Thanks to his sister, the Belcamp, Maryland man ended up $30-thousand richer… he also thought his sister was messing with him. “My sister is a prankster, we both are,” Walter adds. “We’re always trying to get one another. I really thought it was a joke when I saw the $30,000, that it was a fake ticket.”

We don’t know what exactly Walter is planning on doing with the money, but he calls the jackpot a “life changer.”

Pacifiers have been going missing in Dovey the dog’s house. After the dog’s grandma noticed him jump up on the counter and grab her granddaughter’s pacifier, she knew something was up. Dovey’s dad took him to the vet, who noticed he’d lost weight.

An x-ray proved Dovey had a habit of snacking on pacifiers. All in all, doctors at Edmond, Oklahoma’s Gentle Care Animal Hospital removed 21 from the pooch’s stomach.

“All of them stacked up on each other in the stomach,” Dr. Chris Rispoli explains. “In 20 years, this is the craziest surgery I’ve ever done.”


Rule number one of fleeing police is making sure you know where you’re going. Logan Michael Brandenburg learned that the hard way after he led police on a chase through Milwaukee that reached speeds of 100 MPH. At one point, he tried to look up directions on his phone. That’s when the 20-year-old crashed the minivan he sped off in. Brandenburg explained to officers he had smoked marijuana and was on probation so a “fight or flight mentality kicked in.” The cops didn’t sympathize and hit Brandenburg with two felonies.

A multifamily house in Avondale, Ohio got hit with bed bugs. Naturally, one of the residents thought the best way to do it was to set fire in her unit. Fortunately, no one was injured, but seven adults and three teenagers were displaced from the five-unit home. What’s more, this is the second time in two weeks someone set a major residential fire while trying to kill bedbugs in the area. It’s unclear if the unidentified woman faces any criminal charges.

Emergency services in Birmingham, England are not happy with the 22-year-old trying to make it big on YouTube. The unidentified man, with the help of his friends, stuck his head in the microwave surrounded by seven bags of spackling. They thought to give the YouTuber a straw to breathe through, which was smart considering they didn’t call for help until an hour and a half after they first started trying to free him. It took nearly another hour to free the man and while he wasn’t charged with anything, emergency services were quick to point out that while they were busy with him, they could have been prevented from helping someone else in genuine, accidental need.


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