Offbeat News for Tuesday, May 8th

A man in Wisconsin has broken his second Guinness World Record for eating his 30-thousandth McDonald’s Big Mac. Don Gorske has held the record since 2016 and has continued to hang on to it by consuming two of the burgers per day – something he’s been doing since 1972.
Gorske says the reason he’s eaten so many is because he simply just loves Big Macs. He’s known that they were his favorite food since day one on May 17, 1972 when he did in three Big Macs from his car. He was recognized in 2016 for the achievement after eating 28,788 Big Macs.
Gorske notes that despite eating his favorite food every single day, he remains in relatively good shape. He thanks his wife, a nurse practitioner for keeping an eye on him and says his cholesterol and blood pressure are at bay. And by the way, Big Macs aren’t the only food on his menu. Gorske says his wife gets him to eat yogurt parfaits for nutritional reasons.
A couple in the UK is in shock after receiving a letter from a neighbor who claims to have seen them naked “one too many times.” Karin and Jay Stone say their neighbor left them a note, commenting on the size of their parts and asking them to shut their blinds, or else.
The note reads: “Would you please close your blinds when getting dressed or undressing?”“We will report you both for indecent exposure. Your neighbors.”
Karin and Jay were pretty taken aback by the note and they feel like they’ve actually got a peeping Tom on their hands. “I don’t understand it, it’s not like we’ve been parading around naked – just living a normal life,” says Karin. “It does feel really creepy – I feel like somebody has been peeping. I’m considering putting a note over both my windows saying ‘stop looking!’”
Despite feeling threatened, the couple is trying to make light of the note. Karin has since posted it on Facebook where it’s garnered 15,000 comments. Some have suggested the couple perform a “choreographed naked dance.” Karin says, “We had quite a laugh about it.”
Want some royal cake…and maybe eat it, too? Five slices of cake from the top royal weddings of the last 50 years are going under the hammer this summer. Among them are:
Prince William and Kate Middleton’s fruitcake from their April 29, 2011 nuptials, which is expected to go for $680.
A slice from Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s July 29, 1981 cake will also be available. That onecomes with a white box with silver print and is estimated to go for a little over $1,000.
Prince Charles and Camilla’s 2005 wedding cake will also be in the mix as well as Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s cake from 1986. Both are set to go for $680, as well.
Princess Anne and Captain Mark Philips wedding cake will also be on the block.
Police in Ohio have arrested a man who broke into someone’s home and fell asleep on their couch.The stranger had reportedly broken into a Rittman resident’s home through an unlocked window overnight, helped himself to left over Easter candy and then took a snooze on their couch. A male in the home called 911 at 6am to report that “some random guy” wouldn’t wake up. The operator heard the man yelling at the intruder to “get out of here,” but he didn’t leave. Police ended up arresting the guy nearby where they found prescription meds and two knives on him. He’s being charged with aggravated burglary.
A shoplifter has been arrested in Florida for stealing“Dragon Ball Z” action figures. According to police, Phillip Warr had been carrying a bright pink bag that included nine of the dolls from a Target when he was arrested. They say he’d used the self checkout to purchase the pink bag along with a few other small items, but didn’t pay for the action figures and stuffed them in the bag. All nine dolls cost around eight dollars each.

Tiger Woods Still Brings Ratings Gold For Golf

NBC saw a record 5.11 overnight rating on Sunday for its 3PM – 6PM coverage of the final round of the Valspar Championship. You know…the one in which Tiger Woods came within one stroke of winning for the first time since 2013?

Oh, and that overnight rating was the best rating for a non-Major PGA Tour event since the 2013 Players Championship.

And Sunday’s final round was also the best-rated golf telecast (other than The Masters) since the 2015 PGA Championship.

NBC Sports also saw a record 3.26 overnight rating on Saturday for its coverage of the third round. It was the best-rated Round 3 of a PGA Tour event on any broadcast network since 2006, and the best rating for the Valspar tournament in its history—an eye-popping 181% gain over Round 3 of the event last year.

And golf can look for Tiger’s successor all it wants, but those Saturday and Sunday numbers were all without Jordan Spieth or Rory McIlroy, who both missed the cut after Friday, and the number one ranked golfer in the world Dustin Johnson who sat this tourney out.

They all tuned in to see if Tiger.

Because when Tiger is competing on Sunday, nothing else can.

Source: Yahoo! Finance; Photo: Tiger Woods Facebook Page


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