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Offbeat News: New Organ Discovered, Stupid Criminals & More

“Newly Discovered Organ Hiding in Plain Sight”

After all this time, you’d think scientists would have the human body figured out, but it seems they’ve just discovered something new. According to a new study, scientists have sound a new organ hiding in plain sight and it could be the human body’s largest.

As study co-author Dr. Neil Theise puts it, the interstitium is an interconnected system of itty bitty fluid filled spaces. They’re found throughout the entire body in a “highway” like system that moves our internal water supply. As you may know, the human body is made up of 60% water and though two thirds of that are inside cells, scientists didn’t realize where the rest was flowing until now.

Where is it? The interstitium is found within connective tissue underneath the skin. It must go through further research before becoming an “official” organ. Before this discovery, researchers weren’t able to find the interstitium due to the method of research that required scientists to thinly slice tissue, which ultimately destroyed its structure.

“Shellebrate in the Nude”

Ireland is set to open its first nude beach this spring. According to Pat Gallagher of the Irish Naturist Association, going nekkid on the beach is gaining popularity and nudists now have an official place to practice. It’ll open at Hawk Cliff in south Dublin this April.

“This country has had people using beaches all around Ireland for as long as I can remember for nude bathing,” says Gallagher. “A lot of people would prefer not to say to anyone, but they would go on the continent to nude beaches or go to nude resorts on their holidays.”

“Lucky Spin”

A New Jersey man hit it big on his first spin on an online slots game. Anibal Lopes was bored one night and made an account on playsugarhouse.com where he hit the Mega Jackpot on his first try winning $194,000. The site is affiliated with Atlantic City’s Golden Nugget Casino and its jackpot had been growing since September. Lopes says he hopes to use the money to pay bills, repair his home and set up a savings for his six-year-old.


Bonita Springs pizza delivery driver Isaac Javier Ortez got more than he bargained for on a recent delivery. When he got to the front door, the homeowners said they didn’t order any pizza… and that’s about the time that he turned around to see a 13-year-old and 14-year-old attempting to steal his car. Good thing for Ortez, the boys had no idea how to drive stick shift, so left the car in neutral and jumped out and fled on foot. Ortez’s boss has ordered him to lock his car doors from now on when delivering and Garcia and Sebastian face grand theft auto charges.


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