Offbeat News for Thursday, May 17th

A New York City restaurant is taking lessons from Bruno Mars by serving up 24K gold chicken wings. The delicacy actually comes from the mind of the Foodgod aka Jonathan Chebon aka Kim Kardashian’s bestie. He’s teamed up with The Ainsworth Chelsea to bring the flashiest chicken wings on the market.
Brian Mazza, president of Paige Hospitality (which owns the Ainsworth), says they were just trying to be different in creating the wings. “We wanted to create something over-the-top that’s never been done before,” he explains. “And you’ve never seen or tasted anything like it before.” So what do they taste like? It’s all in the preparation.
The chicken wings aren’t as out there as they seem and are actually prepared like normal wings. First chefs brine the wings for about 12 hours – a half-hour per karat. Then they coat it with a house-made dry rub, bake and fry, and then sprinkle on a layer of gold dust. So how much do these golden wings cost? Wings come in orders of 10 for $45 or 20 for $90. If you’re feeling really upscale  you can also order 50 plus a bottle of Jay-Z’s Ace of Spades Champagne for $1,000.
If someone’s going to lace brownies, they’ll usually do it with something fun. But an unnamed woman in Michigan didn’t get that memo…and instead, lacing hers with laxatives. Oh, and then she served them during a colleague’s farewell party at an engineering company.
Police Chief Jerrod Hart says another employee tipped off management, who alerted officials about the brownies. Officers ended up confiscating the brownies before anyone could get their hands on them.
The woman had originally denied putting the laxatives in the brownies, but once she learned it could be a criminal matter, she owned up. Other employees ratted her out saying she had beef with the departing employee, but no other details have been released. And yes, she’s been fired.
A Sacramento man who had been arrested for leaving his car running has learned he no longer faces any charges. Craig Williams had left his car running and unattended earlier this month while he made a quick stop at a 7-Eleven. An officer noticed the car and attempted to speak with Williams about it, but he reportedly refused to cooperate. Things went south from there as the officer turned off Williams’ car and the suspect began to film everything on his phone. The officer then tackled him to the ground to arrest him. The video shot by Williams’ girlfriend has since earned 500,000 views on Facebook causing lots of controversy. It’s been a California state law for more than 50-years that cars should not be left running and unattended, however the judge ruled “in the interests of justice” to not charge Williams after a plea from the NAACP.
A South Carolina man-notorious for wearing a chicken suit in town, has been cited for wrangling an alligator. Logan Cambron often wears a chicken suit on Hilton Head Island to slow down speeders in the area. However, he was faced with a roadblock when a 10-foot alligator made its way onto the road. Law enforcement originally told Cambron not to go near the alligator-since it is illegal and all to move one. However, Cambron called Critter Management who gave him the okay to handle the gator. That’s when he got on top of the gator, tied cloth around its mouth, and put it in his truck where he relocated it into a nearby pond- unfortunately without the chicken suit. Cambron says he’s had experience with gators before, which made him feel like he could do it. However, the Department of Natural Resources still charged Cambron a $105 fine for illegally relocating the gator.

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