Offbeat News for Tuesday, May 15th

They do say that dogs and foxes are relatives, but how did this one go unnoticed? A woman in China had purchased what she believed was a Japanese Spitz, but as it grew she learned that it was actually a domesticated fox. The woman, identified as Ms. Wang, bought the dog from a pet shop for $190 in China, but eventually noticed weird behaviors.
For starters, her three-month-old pooch had no bark. At one point it even refused to eat dog food, but if that wasn’t enough the physical signs started to catch up with it. Ms. Wang says, “The fur got thicker when it reached three months old. Its face became pointy and its tail grew longer than that of a normal dog.” She notes that around the same time she noticed other dogs seemed to be scared of hers, too. She eventually took her pet to see expert, Sun Letian at the Taiyuan Zoo.
“Based on the size, it is a domesticated fox,” says Letian. “It carries a smell in their body and the smell can get stronger as it grows older.” And as it grows older it will get bigger, and it’s already 12-inches long.
Unfortunately after learning her dog was a fox, Ms. Wang gave her pet up to the zoo so it could have a better diet and living environment. It will be placed under quarantine for a month before being put in a zoo enclosure.
A woman in the middle of a contentious divorce with her Wall Street husband decided to take his original Pablo Picasso painting and replace it with a fake- that she painted. Sue Gross and husband Bill Gross were fighting over posessions during their divorce, which included Picasso’s 1932 painting “Le Repos.” The painting had belonged to the couple jointly, but it was decided during proceedings that Sue would take ownership of the Picasso. Turns out, she’d already taken the piece before it was decided, which led to a bitter argument.
According to reports, Sue testified that Bill asked her to “take all the furniture and art that you’d like,” so she did. However she didn’t leave an empty spot on the wall where the Picasso had hung. Story goes that Sue is a pretty good painter- so good that her paintings actually look like the real thing. Sue admitted to not telling Bill she took the Picasso and it was soon revealed that’s not the only thing she took. Bill notes that several items were taken including a 7-foot, 300-pound rabbit sculpture, a Tiffany clock, 20 bottles of wine, Christmas decorations and another 1,000-pound statue.
The two eventually settled their divorce in October and as for the Picasso, it’s expected to sell for $35-million at Sotheby’s
A man on the run in North Carolina has been arrested after accidentally calling 911 on himself. Jesse Graham had been in upstate New York’s Wayne County when cops were dispatched to his home after he accidentally dialed 911. It’s not clear what charges he faces in North Carolina, but Graham has been arrested for being a fugitive from justice and unlawful possession of marijuana. He’s currently in Wayne County Jail without bail awaiting extradition.
A thief has broken into a man’s home in New Zealand and stolen a large stamp collection. Police say they’ve been working to find a “significant number” of New Zealand stamps that “is of sentimental value and has been passed through generations within this family.” Philatelist, aka stamp studier, Robin Gwynn says the victim had called him to discuss how he could handle getting his stamps back, but Gwynn notes that the thief most likely didn’t target the stamps.

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