Offbeat News for Friday, May 11th

Ladies-and some gents- you may want to ditch your leggings next time you get an MRI. Patients are being told to leave their yoga pants at home and switch in to cotton T-shirts or hospital gowns before they head in for an MRI since a new study shows the fibers inside the leggings can actually burn you.
Tiny meal threads are found woven within the most popular leggings and while they may be good at wicking sweat, they’re not so good at preventing burns during an MRI scan.
One 11-year-old girl learned the hard way. She was sedated for her MRI scan for scoliosis and when she woke up, she was left with second degree burns. What she didn’t know, considering there were no labels, was that her undershirt contained the metallic fibers.
So what exactly happens? An MRI scanner uses electromagnetism and radiowaves, so they basically become a powerful magnet. Any type of metal, including the tiny metal threads in sports leggings, could possibly move during the scan causing a burn. Researchers specifically warn against Lululemon leggings made with “Silverescent” technology that prevents odors, Gap’s Athleta brand leggings and Columbia Sportswear Omni-Heat line. If you’re unsure, since most metallic fibers are unnoticeable, look for labels on your clothes that say “anti-microbial” or “anti-bacterial” as those usually contain the “silver technology.” Your best bet is to just wear cotton or a hospital gown.
A fisherman in New Zealand was shocked to catch a 321-pound marlin while on a fishing trip last week. Josh Roberts had been out on the water for an hour-and-a-half before snagging a striped marlin, something he’s been targeting for the last decade. The marlin didn’t come easy and reportedly put up a good hour-long fight with Roberts.
Once the fisherman was able to pull the marlin in, he realized one major problem. The fish was too big for his 13-foot boat. “I basically tied it up alongside the boat so it would drag through the water,” notes Roberts. He says he raced back to shore to avoid sharks that could’ve stolen his prize. Once back on shore he was able to weigh the marlin that came in at a whopping 321-pounds, which is 70 more than Roberts expected.
Roberts ended up taking the fish home to a relative’s smoker. He plans to give it away to his co-workers at an oil refinery and to his family. So what’s next for the fisherman after such a huge feat? “The forecast looks pretty good again for Friday, so I think I’ll be out there again,” he says. “I just love being out there on the water.”
A driver in the UK who was pulled over for using his cellphone has confessed to dealing cocaine. The honest Barry Hodge had been pulled over for using his phone while driving his work van. That’s when police noticed him shaking and sweating. Out of nowhere he confessed to police that he had about $950 worth of cocaine in a Kinder Egg shell. He proceeded to snitch on himself even further by telling police he had a bigger stash at his house. Hodge reportedly told officers, “I just want to be honest, I’ve got another two ounces in the house… You can just go round and get it.” Police ended up finding drug-related items in his kitchen along with cash. Hodge even appeared in court and admitted to dealing the drug last year. The total amount of drugs found were worth about $6,500, but could’ve sold on the streets for anywhere between $10,000 and $34,000 based on purity. Hodge’s sentencing is next month. His cellphone violation has been dropped.
A 24-year-old guy named Tayvon Wilson went to a Walmart in Columbus, Georgia last week . . . picked up a 55-inch Samsung TV . . . and walked out of the store through the car department without paying.
But a 55-inch TV is pretty heavy and bulky, and apparently he was having trouble carrying it as he walked home.
So he saw two police officers and asked them if they’d give him . . . and his TV . . . a ride home.
That was right around when the cops got a call from the Walmart about the missing TV.  They connected the dots . . . and Tayvon was arrested for shoplifting.

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