Offbeat News for Wednesday, May 2nd

A Rolex watch with a Domino’s logo inside has hit the auction block at Christie’s Auction.The watch is a 1989 stainless steel Air-King and yes it really does include the blue and red Domino’s logo on the dial.
The “New York Post” notes that this type of watch is no shocker for Domino’s employees. They report the watches are often given to store managers who make $30,000 in weekly sales in a month and they’ve been doing this for decades. The newer watches now have the logo on the watch’s band.
The Domino’s Rolex was at last check, at $3,800 at Christie’s and has a cap at $5,000.
The Chinese have implemented a strange method to combat jaywalkers: squirt guns. Officials are using modern technology to stop people from jaywalking by using facial recognition technology. In Shenzen, the device can recognize when someone is jaywalking and sends them threatening texts while plastering their face on a nearby LED screen.
Facial recognition technology can tell if someone is walking against the lights. The province has installed robotic squirt guns that spray water at anyone who tries to test the system. Deputy head of publicity for the public security bureau says the system also includes voice prompts to alert walkers about traffic light status and that the spray feature serves as a warning to pedestrians.
A total of 63 couples have been married in a ceremony at a Mexican prison. One prisoner, Jorge Armando Perez got hitched to his bride Corina Chavez at the ceremony. Together they’ve been raising six kids since they met three years ago, but Perez is unfortunately gearing up to serve 40-years in the prison for extortion. His new wife has pledged to visit him every Wednesday and Saturday and “every day possible” until his release. Prison director Rene Lopez Ortiz says the ceremony, “strengthens the family bond and the acquisition of values within the family.” It’s being reported local authorities will give legal security to the inmates partner and children.
A Florida man has been arrested after trying to smuggle a knife on a plane through his shampoo bottle. Gonzalo Gonzalez had been flying out of Charlotte-Douglas International Airport in North Carolina when TSA noticed something wrong in his bag scan. They investigated his carry-on bag, which contained a knife in a mini shampoo bottle. Gonzalez has been arrested and charged with carrying a concealed weapon.
A security guard in Los Angeles found himself tied up after being distracted by a woman in short shorts. Police say a woman in short shorts and a furry jacket had distracted the guard who was suddenly ambushed by four males who ziptied him, took his guns and burglarized a multi-million dollar home. It’s unsure what the thieves got away with, but the suspects did flee in a black and maroon mini van with paper plates. The security guard is uninjured.

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