Offbeat News for April 27, 2018


A group of scientists at the Earth BioGenome Project say they’re working on a project to store the DNA of every single living thing on the planet. The project requires them to collect genetic material from 1.5-million plants, animals and fungi found on Earth. Some are likening it to a modern day “Noah’s Ark.”

Scientists say by collecting this data into one place, it could “revolutionize our understanding of evolution.” Basically what they plan to do is collect genomes from all living things and store it. Genomes are made up of DNA and contain the instructions for making the species. Scientists will work to put the DNA of each living thing in sequence. By doing so they can store the entire makeup of the species.

So far, they only have zero-point-two percent of the 1.5-million species’ genomes collected and sequenced. The research is estimated to cost around $4.7-billion and will last at least a decade. Not only that, but the information will take up 200-petabytes of digital storage – or the equivalent of downloading 625-million hour-long TV shows. Scientists on the project say by doing all of this it will give “insight into the history and diversity of life and help us better understand how to conserve it.”

Nowadays you can combine beer with just about anything for a good time, but what about with yoga? A restaurant in a Port Melbourne, Australia hotel is now offering free “broga” classes. The male only class at The Hack Hotel combines beer and yoga- broga- to promote mens’ physical and mental health.

Instructor Nim Rotenburg says adding a few brews to your workout “may help men loosen up for poses.” Jokes aside, The Hack is actually putting on these classes for a good reason. They want to promote not only physical health, but mental health. According to reports, one in eight men in Australia will experience depression. Reportedly in the country six out of every eight suicides are also committed by men. The broga class serves as an outlet for them to come together, have a beer and destress.

The Hack owner Chris Nicolls thinks it’s a great way for men to “make a connection and try something new.” The class seeks to bring men together to get physically fit and have a chat with one another, which they say is good for mental health. Though classes are free, men are encouraged to donate to the mental health organization, Beyond Blue.

A South African airline is looking to put your face on one of their planes. Kulula airways is holding a contest looking for six faces to stretch across six of their Boeing 737s. The faces will last on the side of their planes for a minimum of one week and each winner will receive two round-trip tickets to see their face on the plane from the sky.

To enter is simple. Just head to their website, sign up for their newsletter and upload your best “plane face.” Winners will be chosen “based on the funniest, silliest, and wackiest faces submitted.” Once you’ve entered you’ll even be able to see what your face would look like on one of their planes via a simulation video.

Don’t worry if your face isn’t chosen because there is a consolation prize. Kulula will choose five entries at random for a free round-trip ticket. The airline flies to South African destinations including Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia, Mauritius and Kenya. If you’re 18 or older enter by April 30th.


  • One person’s doorbell cam came in handy when a thief came to nab a package. Video camera footage shows a man approach the front of a home in California stealing a package. The thief soon realizes he’s being filmed on the doorbell camera and tries to pull it off. He’d been unsuccessful in his attempt and ended up fleeing in a waiting car. The thief’s face is fairly recognizable in the footage, but police have yet to find the suspect. Police Captain Alex Neicu says it would have been pointless for the thief to take the camera as “a lot of these devices store to the cloud.” The suspect did get away with the package. Check out the video to the right.
  • A man in Alabama has taken confession to a new level. Gary Bradley III had been helping out his church with their collection plate – as in, helping himself to the collections! Bradley had reportedly gone before the Mayfair Church of Christ and confessed to stealing from the offering plate. He’s been accused of stealing thousands of dollars from the church and has been making deposits into his own bank account. Lt. Michael Johnson says the bank had questioned Bradley’s deposits since the checks were made out to the church. He’s been arrested and charged with theft of property.

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