Offbeat News for April 25, 2018

Erin Wade, the owner of a California restaurant Homeroom Mac + Cheese says she was surprised to learn that members of her staff have often been harassed – or even assaulted – by customers. So she took matters into her own hands. A former labor attorney, Wade came up with a system to help eliminate the incidents.

The staff and management have worked to create the Management Alert Color System or MACS for short. Strange customer behavior is divided into color categories.

Yellow means the server senses a “weird vibe,” orange suggests a customer has made an inappropriate comment, red is for when a customer makes an obscene comment or even touches an employee. How does it work? A staffer will alert management with a message like, “I’ve got an Orange at table 2.” Under orange, a manager will automatically take over serving the table. If a customer gets a red, a manger will address the situation and if it doesn’t stop they have to leave.

Manager Kale Irwin notes that the system has been very effective and red alerts have been reduced. They’ve even received feedback from customers that they’re happy to know the staffers are protected.

Harley Davidson is on the look out for eight college students or recent grads to be their new social media interns. What’s included in their duties? They’ll get paid to ride Harleys around and post their fun on social media. The company says it will teach the interns how to ride and pay them of their work and travel. If that doesn’t sound convincing enough, the company is also letting the interns keep their new motorcycles at the end of the 12-week internship. Those interested must be 18-years-old or older and looking to make a career out of social media.

What started out as a joke for University of California Berkeley student Stephen Boyle, has landed him a spot in the student senate. It all started out as a Facebook meme. Boyle ran for the senate spot dressed up as a squirrel and went by the alias “Furry Boi.” Next thing you know he was elected. Now Boyle says, “It was a joke at first, but I’m here to make a lot of change.” He wants to use his platform to push for action on environmental issues, disabilities, and mental illness. Even though the school newspaper, “The Daily Cal” deemed the election of Furry Boi a “travesty,” Boyle is ditching the costume and hoping to win over his critics.


  • A 72-year-old woman has been arrested for drug trafficking in Tennessee. Police say they’ve had their eye on Adina Alexis since they received a tip she was coming to Memphis to sell weed. She was – and when officials caught up with her, she was found with more than 4,500 grams of marijuana in her vehicle and she was keeping another 2,600 grams along with edibles and 126-THC cartridges in a nearby storage unit. Given her age, some think its not worth it to arrest her – especially because she’s got a clean record – but for a moment Alexis still faces 12 counts of possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell.
  • A man in Illinois who told police he’d witnessed a robbery has instead been arrested and sentenced to jail for committing it. Joshua L. Franklin had gone down to the East Alton Police station to tell police he’d witnessed a robbery at Wood River Convenient Market. After checking security cam footage, police were able to identify Franklin as the robber. They searched his home and found clothing, money and a weapon, though no one was hurt during the incident. He’s been sentenced to four years in jail for his crimes.

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