Offbeat News: A Butterfly Bandit, A Sunken Submarine & More

“Lost & Found at Sea”

A missing German submarine that has been rumored to carry top ranking Nazis has been found after 73 years – about 10-miles north of Denmark. The U-3523 had been one of Adolf Hitler’s submarines. Designed to be submerged for long periods of time, the rumor was that the vessel was used to take Hitler, his top ranking Nazis and valuables non-stop to South America after World War II.

Legend has it that the U-3523 had been sunk by a British bomber plane, but no one was able to locate the wreck, therefore some believed the sub made it to its destination. Aside from finding the wreckage, Denmark’s Sea War Museum is also throwing cold water on that “escape” rumor.

As Museum director Gert Normann Anderson sees it, the beliefs about the sub came about because of the technology. “The U-3523 was a very modern, long-distance U-boat and some Nazis tried to escape with valuables in the last days,” he explains. “But the submarine was going to Norway, and not to South America with Nazis and valuables.”

Another thing: While the submarine has been found, it’s also submerged 403-feet down and buried in the sand, making it extremely difficult to access. So basically, no one’s getting a gander anytime soon.

“Killin’ it at Prom 2018”

Georgia teen Alexandrea Clark raised eyebrows after she rolled up to prom in a hearse and a casket. Instead of the typical limo that most students take, Clark has shared prom pics on Twitter of her wearing a black and gold dress standing in front of a hearse.

Her grand entrance was even more show stopping: she was carried out of the hearse in a casket and when it opened, it revealed a smiling Alexandrea. And by the way? It’s not like she was trying to be obnoxious, but rather, the idea was to celebrate her career choice after graduation: she currently works at a funeral home and wants to become a funeral director.

But she also had another reason – warning her fellow classmates against drinking and driving. While some folks argued that this could be offensive to parents that have lost their kids, Alexandrea is unapologetic.

“This is just what I do, and this is my career that I plan on doing and I love what I do,” she explains. “I love being around people and helping others. And it’s not to disrespect anybody.”

“Playing Hooky”

Damien Shrader is just your average four-year-old. He plays with his toys, goes to preschool, but there is something that’s not so normal… he’s been selected for jury duty. The summons showed up in his great-grandmother’s mailbox this week. Damien’s own mother, Desiree, has never been summoned for jury duty so the family really isn’t sure why their kiddo was, especially considering his age. The boy’s parents went down to Luzerne County Courthouse in Pennsylvania to fix the situation. After a few laughs, Damien has been “formally excused because he has preschool that day.”


  • Police in Cincinnati are on the hunt for the person who stole a butterfly from Krohn Conservatory. This isn’t just any butterfly though. Someone stole a rare Blue Morpho African Butterfly. Police say someone walked right into the Butterfly Exhibit and took it around 5pm Sunday. They’re asking anyone with information to call Crimestoppers at 513-352-3040. Callers may remain anonymous and may even receive compensation.
  • Police in Brooklyn have caught a serial robber who’d been on a crime spree with a glue gun. Cops responded to a call of the masked suspect who they spotted walking into a bubble tea shop. The police followed him and noticed the suspect hand a woman working inside the shop a backpack. As she filled the bag, police approached the suspect who’d been holding a black object in his hand that looked like a handgun. The suspect then ran to the back of the store, but police nabbed him in the bathroom. The gun turned out to be a hot glue gun wrapped in black tape. The man has been identified as Gregory Price and he’s facing charges including robbery, criminal possession of a weapon, menacing, tampering with physical evidence, and resisting arrest.

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