Offbeat News for Tuesday, April 17

Two former neighbors in Florida have found themselves in a bitter custody war over a dog. Tina Marie Walker adopted her black Labrador, Elario in 2016, but for the last five weeks she’s been sharing custody of her pup with her former next-door neighbor Vietnam vet, David Somerville.

“I don’t understand it because in the state of Florida, a dog is property,” Walker says. “He’s licensed to me. I paid for the dog.” Somerville had other ideas about the situation. He claims he should have sole custody of the dog because he’s been Elario’s main caretaker and pays for the dog’s food, vet bills and toys.

As for what caused the trouble, Somerville and Walker had a falling out when Walker micro chipped Elario and put the registration in her name. Either way. Pinellas County Small Claims Court Judge Lorraine Kelly has worked out an agreement for the two ruling that she says is best for both owners. Walker is appealing Kelly’s ruling, but for now Elario stays with Somerville every other weekend.

Kelly says, “Both parties have health considerations that quality time with Elario makes better. Both parties have spent a great deal of time with the dog and witnesses say he shows great affection for both of his humans.”

If you are looking to get engaged soon then look no further than Costco. Jennifer Bechwati was shopping in an Australian Costco when she spotted a diamond engagement ring on sale for $388,000. Right “in the aisle between bulk AA batteries and dustpans.” She tweeted her findings and it instantly went viral.

“If I’m spending 1/2 a mil on a ring, I’m defs not buying it from Costco!” one user writes, while another jokes, “But you have to buy them in the value six pack” As it turns out Costco is selling engagement rings for up to $420,000 right on its website.

The Roman Catholic Church is set to hold a week long course on exorcism and it all kicks off the week. Roughly 200 participants- mostly priests- are set to attend the event in Rome to learn to cast out demons. Lectures will touch on a range of topics from witchcraft in Africa to casting demons out of cellphones. The courses are set to prepare priests to carry out exorcisms as Catholic Church officials say the number of demonic possessions steadily increasing.


  • A man from England who led cops on a chase thought he could get away with it after reporting his vehicle stolen. Police had chased Warren Gray through red lights and into oncoming traffic after running a check on his vehicle and realizing it had not been registered. Gray led police on the chase for nine minutes before he abandoned the vehicle and fled on foot to a nearby field. Gray then had the bright idea to report his car stolen five hours later, but of course that backfired. When officers showed up to his address they realized he was the driver from the chase. He’s landed himself two years and four months in jail.
  • A Florida man, outraged he couldn’t purchase beer as it was past selling hours, has decided to take matters into his own hands and steal it. Christopher Maxwell went into a Speedway at around 2:30 am to purchase Bud Light, however in Sebastian, Florida beer is only sold between 7 am and 1 am. The cashier informed Maxwell of the rule and refused to sell him the beer. This prompted Maxwell to ask, “What would happen if I stole some beer?” The store clerk threatened to call 911, but Maxwell stole them anyways. Cops found the man walking with the cases of beer in each hand. When cops approached him he took one officer’s shoulder radio off and attempted to knock him out before he was handcuffed on the ground. He’s been charged with petty theft, two counts of battery on a law enforcement officer and violently resisting arrest.

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