Offbeat News: A Haunted Ocean Liner, Stupid Criminals & More

“Bloody Mary”

Officials with The Queen Mary in California said the retired ocean liner will be renting out a “notoriously haunted” room for the first time in 30 years.

The cruise liner, since turned into a Long Beach hotel, announced Stateroom B340, which has been featured on shows including SYFY Channel’s “Ghost Hunters” and British series “Most Haunted,” will be available to guests starting at $499 a night beginning Friday, April 13.

“The last time the room was occupied by a guest was in the 1980s,” Stephen Sowards, general manager of the Queen Mary, said in a statement provided to KABC-TV. “For decades we’ve had thousands of visitors request to occupy the room, and after 30 years, we are excited to once again extend the offer to our guests.”

Officials said paranormal activity in the room has been reported as far back as the ship’s final ocean voyage in 1967. Guests staying in the room reported unusual activity, including lights and water faucets turning on and off by themselves, as well as covers being removed from guests while they sleep. Some reported waking to see a dark figure standing next to the bed.

The Queen Mary said the room comes with standard hotel amenities, as well as a chest containing items that include a Ouija board, tarot cards, a crystal ball and other ghost-hunting equipment.

“Feelin’ Feline”

Police in Troy, Michigan have added a new furry friend to the ranks and we’re not talking about a dog. A cat has been employed by the police after auditioning five other felines from the Michigan Humane Society for the role. The idea came along after the Troy police petitioned on Twitter. It pledged to add a cat to the ranks if its account reached 10,000 followers. It went from 4,000 followers to 10,000 in just eight days. The fur ball will make public appearances and be used for therapeutic purposes. Sgt. Meghan Lehman also wants to use the cat to promote adoptions from local shelters and will have the students of Troy name it in a vote on Twitter.


  • According to police one of “the worst DUI offenders in the country” has once again been arrested. Tasha Schleicher of Minnesota was passed out in her car at a gas station when police were called. She had reportedly tried to fill her car with kerosene not gasoline. She was charged with drunk driving and driving without a license. Police say she was uncooperative with them the whole time lying about her age, date of birth, social security and about being pregnant. She also has six DUI’s in six states. One incident involved her driving drunk while nursing a child. Sadly, her 11 children have been taken away from her all on drunk related incidents.
  • Apparently, two kids in Daly City, California tried to buy beer last week by pulling one of the oldest tricks in the book one of them sat on the other one’s shoulders, and they wore a giant trench coat. But . . . they didn’t do a great job on the disguise, and it was clearly two kids in a trench coat and NOT a tall man with a boyish face. So the clerk denied them… even after they told him they were an undercover detective.

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