Offbeat News: A Puppy Gets a Tummy Tuck & More

“Puppy Tuck”

An overweight pup in Britain is set to undergo a “tummy tuck” surgery to get rid of all the loose skin happening because of her weight loss following being rescued. Hattie, affectionately known as “Hattie The Fattie” as some have nicknamed the collie was fed a diet of straight burgers before she was rescued by the RSPCA. She weighs in at 88 pounds and staff at the center say she looked more like a pot bellied pig than a dog when she was first brought in.

Staffers have put Hattie on a special diet since she’s been rescued and she’s lost around nine pounds, but they’ve started a fundraiser to help Hattie receive tummy tuck surgery to remove excess skin after weight loss.

“I just knew we had to try and help her,” says RSPCA worker Ruth Rickard. “I take her home with me at night so I can administer her insulin injections, which she tolerates very well. As the weight has started to come off we have found that she is very spirited and extremely loving, despite the fact we put her on a diet.”

“The Walking Fed”

Ohio police have been investigating reports of “zombie” raccoons. Residents in the Youngstown area have called police saying they’ve spotted raccoons in their yards during the day acting strangely. Raccoons are nocturnal and are usually only spotted at night. Robert Coggeshall spotted one in his yard while playing with his dogs.

“He would stand up on his hind legs, which I’ve never seen a raccoon do before, and he would show his teeth and then he would fall over backward and go into almost a comatose condition,” Robert explained.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources says its not rabies, but a disease called distemper, which causes the symptons Coggeshall mentioned. They say the disease will stay local and eventually die off among the population.

“Lost and Found”

A samurai sword used to make wine was found among debris after the California fires. The Paradise Ridge Winery had kept the sword that belonged to samurai and winery owner Kanaye Nagasawa in the 1800’s. The fires burned the facility down, but after debris removal last month, the sword was recovered. Rene Byck, co-owner of the winery says it’s the “best news ever” and wants to rebuild an exhibition with the sword.


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