Offbeat News: Royal Mannerisms, Skipping Work, & Stupid Criminals


If you want to have dinner with the royal family, there are some rules you should know. The most important? If ya gotta let go? You know “use the potty?” Be quiet about it.

According to the “Business Insider,” a royal (or their guest) must never “announce their intentions” when getting up to use the restroom. They must simply say “excuse me” and leave. Simple enough, right? But God forbid you still have food on your plate. This is where it gets complicated.

If you haven’t finished eating, you must cross you fork and knife over the plate to signal the wait staff that you’re not finished with your food. But it you have finished, put you silverware at an angle in the bottom right of the plate. To remember all of this, you may as well just wait until dinner is finished to use the bathroom. Just a thought.

Don’t feel like going to school or work? How ‘bout to those plans you made a week ago? Don’t worry the ChameleonMask has got you covered. Japanese researcher, Jun Rekimoto presented the mask at MIT Tech Review’s EmTech. He describes it as a “human Uber,” but Vice says, it more closely resembles a mobile FaceTime.

The technology “uses a real human as a surrogate for another remote user.” Confused? Don’t be. You would essentially hire someone to go to an event for you, and they’d wears a mask-shaped display (like an iPad) which shows your live face with a voice translator to hear the user’s voice. Rekimoto reportedly describes using ChameleonMask as “surprisingly natural.”

There’s just one minor kink to work out. It’s not clear how the surrogate is able to see as the mask covers the entire face. Perhaps eye holes will come as an update?

A bust of Abraham Lincoln in Utah is attracting some very “handsy” tourists. For some reason, people can’t stop touching his nose. Paul Jacobs, a security guard at the Utah State Capitol where the bust resides says he’s seen tourists rub his nose for nearly twenty years. His nose has been rubbed so much that its protective patina is actually being worn away.

A bar in Ft. Lauderdale has put out an APB after its beloved mannequin mascot, Cheryl was stolen. Bar owner Wyatt Lawless says ‘Cheryl’ was a “staple of the community.” The crime apparently wasn’t a grab and go thing either. Surveillance shows the perp “casing the place out for 20 minutes.” Cheryl is described as weighing 27-pounds, standing five-foot-eight inches tall, with hazel eyes and red hair. And Lawless really wants her back unharmed. He notes, “It sounds funny, but Cheryl was like over 100 bucks.”


A 27-year-old Oklahoma man has been arrested for calling in a bomb threat to a court house. Thing is, Brian Thomas Doro’s heart was in the right place. His girlfriend was set to go to court for a custody hearing but couldn’t afford a lawyer. So Doro got the not-so-bright idea to call in a bomb threat. He was later busted and now faces a lengthy prison sentence of his own.

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