Offbeat News: Extreme Love, A Dog with Benefits, & More

“Dangerously in Love”

We all like spicing up our love lives every now and then, but a couple in Belarus took that notion to the extreme. Alexander Ivanov and Lilia Semenihina share a love for extreme sports and thought train surfing would make for a great date night.

The teenagers, who have been together for just over a year, took hold of the windshield wipers of a train and held on for the ride of their lives. The train zoomed at 75 mph through the Russian countryside as the two rode the train’s bumper and filmed their adventure (because of course they did).

The two say that want to push their love to the limits – and they’re not done yet – noting, “There are loads of buildings and towers we’d love to climb together, as well as more trains to ride.” Ah, young love!

“K-9 to 5”

Michael Ryder had received a letter that he was approved for $360 every week in Michigan unemployment benefits. Not everyday a dog gets to contribute to his household!

That’s right, Ryder is actually a German Shepherd! His owner Michael Haddock received the letter disclosing the benefits. Apparently Ryder’s been let go from a chain restaurant in Detroit where he supposedly worked.

The good news? Haddock reached out to the agency that sent the letter. They’re saying their system sent the letter, but it was flagged as “suspicious.” Investigations administrator Tim Kolar got in on the laugh, writing Haddock to say, “It’s rare for a ‘man’s best friend’ to contribute financially to the household and that will continue in this instance.”

“Hearing Things”

A new study suggests that hearing voices isn’t so much a mental illness as it’s a finely tuned brain. Apparently, healthy people who hear voices are able to find speech patterns in other sounds. Participants in the study were able to detect hidden speech sounds that normal ears would think sound like birdsongs or alien noises. This all sounds great…unless those voices are telling you that you’re the king of the world and should cover yourself in hot fudge and do terrible things…


  • A restaurant owner is headed to the slammer after accidentally giving a customer cocaine in their cheese stick order. Carrie Demoff was caught on surveillance camera heading in and out of the kitchen, handling a shady white container that tested positive of the substance. In the vid, you can see a customer pay for her order and the cashier mistakenly hands her the food with cocaine in it. The customer went straight to the police after finding it and Demoff has since been arrested.
  • Michigan police were called to a Caledonia residence after neighbors heard gunshots. Cops say that’s when they found Ethan Willison and Troy David – totally crocked. The cops asked to enter Willison’s residence after he claimed he wasn’t shooting anything…but his droopy eye-lids, slurred speech, and breath led police to believe otherwise. Police entered the home and chased Willison to his room to find the guns he claimed to have not been shooting. Wilison admitted to shooting at trees in “Lake Michigan” so no one would get hurt. He and David were arrested.

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