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Baboons at the Paris Zoological Park drove officials bananas after escaping from their enclosure. According to the NY Post, French newspaper “Le Parisien” says, at least 52 of them broke free, sending police tranquilizer guns on a chase to wrangle them all back into their enclosure.

The baboon prison break forced officials to evacuate the 36-acre park, as the monkeys could pose danger to humans if they feel threatened or “stressed.” Vets say that while they appear smaller than humans, baboons “are stronger than us.”

And picture this – roads surrounding the zoo have been closed and checkpoints set up with police cars. In the end, the escapees were caught using nets and the remaining four are believed to be on the zoo grounds. They’re expected to be caught, but pedestrians walking nearby are warned to stay alert and be on the look out.

All Meagan Day wanted was some fun “sauna hats” – and that’s what she ordered via Amazon. But what she got was a lot different. How so? Her package didn’t contain the hats at all, but instead contained an illegal cancer drug from Cuba, which is made from blue scorpion venom.

Stunned and amused, Day took to Twitter to share her story and discuss a few theories about why she may have received the illegal venom. And as you might’ve imagined, her story went viral. Some users even questioned “when the movie is coming out” and joked it would star Mark Wahlberg.

The best news? She didn’t get into trouble…and she got a was able to get refund. The search for hats? No word on if it’ll continue.

Looking for some fun vacation ideas? North Korea has announced plans to turn a missile test site into a swanky resort. The announcement apparently coincides with plans for the Winter Olympics to have joint sporting and cultural events between North and South Korea.

The resort, to be built in the Kangwon area, is set to “satisfy the demand of domestic and foreign tourists,” and will supposedly put the country’s tourism on “world level.” The plans, according to the Sun, appear to be aimed at capitalizing on international publicity to come with the Winter Olympics and may stimulate North Korea’s economy.

There were no specifics provided about the resort except that it will include “famous sandy beaches.” And that’s what makes the news even more entertaining – as the area has been used in the past for missile testing and there could be a chance the beach could still be impacted by gunfire.

Vegans always find a way to tell you that they’re VEGAN! Welp, vegan Kate Bullen is making it easier for herself by tattooing the word on her face – specifically over her right eyebrow. Bullen says she got the tat as she’s “incredibly passionate about veganism” and in her tweet noted, “Now I won’t need to tell people that I’m vegan every five minutes.” And yes, the Twitterverse is have a serious laugh at her expense. And no, she doesn’t care.

A Waffle House patron was arrested after demanding barbecue sauce. And it’s not like he was just a little miffed. Officials say 43-year-old Willie Edward Drake responded to the news by yelling obscenities and flipping out on the waitress. Witnesses say he even said he’d “go to jail over some barbeque sauce!” You know what they say, be careful what you wish for. Drake was later booked on a disorderly conduct charge.

There’s something to be said about having a passion in life. Unfortunately for 66-year-old Marilyn Hartman, hers keeps getting her in hot water with the cops. Hartman has been arrested again – this time, at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. Hartman violated a previous order banning her from Chicago’s two airports after sneaking on to a British airways flight to London without a ticket. When she got popped yesterday, it had been just three days since her last court appearance. Hartman has a history of trying to board flights without a ticket and has been arrested at various airports across the country, including in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Phoenix.

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